wii zapper


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The first is called the Wii Zapper, named to invoke memories of the NES and its fabled Zapper light gun. This Zapper, though, bears no resemblance at all to the old one,either in terms of form or function. It's basically a big clip that holds a Wiimote and Nunchuck attachment together, requiring you to hold them like a two-handed submachine gun. By using the thumb-stick on the Nunchuck and aiming at the screen, you can navigate through first-person shooters like the upcoming 'Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.' It adds a new sort of feel to shooters like this, but the ergonomics are a bit lacking, forcing you to hold the contraption a bit too close and hunch over a bit as you play. The Zapper will be $19.99 and will come with some games, ala 'Wii Play.'