Review #2: VC Kirby's Adventure NES

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This is my second review. Kirby's Adventure is a 2D platformer where you're a puffball copying the enemy abilites.

The story is that Kirby must restore the dreams from dreamland. The controls are simple, and it has classic music.

You can use ANY control method, since it is an SNES game. I'd reccomend the Classic Controller though.

This game includes many bosses and about 26 abilites. The bosses have some abilities that make them unique. If you didn't know, this game was remade on GBA, and it was called: Kirby's Nightmare in dreamland. The ablities include fire, ice, hammer, sword, spark, among others. I will say a 9 year old could beat it, but it's stll fun.

And for 500 wii points it's great, but very short.

Stats for being an NES game:
Graphics: 9/10 It even has some 3D!
Sound & Music: 8/10 Classic.
Entertainment: 8/10 1 player, but it is fun to suck up enimies.
Replay Value: 6/10 All you can do is rebeat it, but its still fun!
Overall: 8/10
Buy or Rent: Buy

EDIT: Updated.



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i think that you maybe should be more specific about gameplay, story, hopes and fullfillments you know :).

about 500 words more would do it. even though it is an old game and many have played it thousands of times, i know. Still.


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okay because you use your feet? Poor you. You cant play guitar, but i saw 1 guy playing guitar with his feet in the streets once. awesome :D


New Member one feet up and one on the base drum (or whatever its called)? must've be a serouis handicap since you use every limb on your body otherwise


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Nice review for using your feet, maybe work on getting them longer, but i know how tedious that would be writing on the wii! Hahaha!


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I think that is the necessary part of a review but i would like to see YOUR exprience with it.
Write a "story" of when you played it your first time and so on...

And some space between the text and the grading wouldt be all wrong :)