Review #3, Zelda TP

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This is my 3rd review. The game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is really fun! You're a boy that lived a boring life, until you have to go save some kids. After you save them, the twilight, which is a big dark cloud that changes reality makes you a wolf. Once you prove that you can be a wolf or a man, you're granted a town hero's wepons in order to save Hyrle from evil forces.

In my personal experience, this is the best Zelda. The Wiimote combo works so well with this game. Also the story and gameplay both have an awesome feel. I really liked riding Epona the horse. I say buy this version instead of the GCN version.

As far as the control scheme goes, it's pretty good. By swinging the Wiimote, you swing your sword. If you use a slingshot or arrows, you aim with the Wiimote, but it is kind of hard to aim. You walk with the control stick on the nunchuk, as well as targeting. Now since I use my feet, the nunchuk was a pain, but don't worry about it too much!

The gameplay I much like Zelda: Ocerina of Time. You as Link go in dungeons trying to figure out puzzles and finding keys. What's new you ask? Well for starters you're a wolf and it has a differnt story. Other than that, If you played Zelda: OoT, you'll have an advantage!

In coclusion this game is really fun, and got the Game of the Year award!

Graphics: 10/10 AMAZING
Sound: 9/10, still some imported sounds, but still awesome.
Entertainment: 9/10: Even if it is only 1 player, awesome to watch.
Gameplay: 10/10 I like owning with the wolf!
Story: 9/10, They should make a movie.
Controls: 9/10 Fits the Wii to a T!
Replay value: 7/10, some sidequest, but not many.
Rent or Buy: Buy!
Overall score: 9/10
I typed it on my Wii FTW!

Edit: Updated.


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Good review, It was slightly longer this time which I like and it had the important information.

Must have been a pain to type this on the Wii!