Review #1: Sonic and the Secret Rings

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This is my first review.

In the game Sonic and the Secret Rings, you're the hedgehog running constantly. That's right, you can't stop running. Also note that backing up in reverse is really tough. Also operating catapults is also not that fun.

The story is about the Arabian Nights, only with Sonic characters. This game does have the RPG factor, which basiclly means you can upgrade Sonic's abilites. As far as unlockables go, all you can get is party game characters and artwork.

Other than the story mode, there's also party games, but they stink with horrible controls. If you want party games, go with Mario Party 8.

Anyway here's the statistics:
Gameplay: 6/10 hard controls and reapetitive
Sound & Music: 7/10, although the jump sounds are imported from the Gamecube, the music rocks!
Replay Value: 5/10, really, all that's left is the minigames.
Entertainment: 6/10, not the best controls in the world.
Buy or Rent: Rent
Overall: 6/10
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i like it. now im going to talk my friend into bying it and when he is bored with it, i borrow it :D.

Thank you Metroid double oh 7...


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metroid0070 said:
Please rate my review!

As i wrote in the other review...
I think you should share your story and fill your review with entertaining and partly pointless info :p
Try to make us feel the same way you did when buying the game
Otherwise i think your right about the game.