Review: Sonic and the Secret Rings


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Another Sonic Spinoff game..
Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Release date: US: 2/20/07 UK: 3/2/07
Genre: Action, Adventure
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer
Rating: ESRB: E PEGI: 7+
Platform: Wii
Media: 1 Wii Disc
Input: Wiimote, (Gamecube Remote???)


This Picture was really cool.

The story begins with Sonic napping, he reaches to check his clock upon awakening, accidentally bumping a ring, Shahra the Ring Genie, pops out of a book of the Arabian Nights and into Sonic's world. She reveals that an evil entity known as Erazor Djinn is absorbing the power of the book and causing pages of it to disappear. If he is not stopped, his power will be unleashed onto the real world unless the "Legendary Blue Hedgehog", told of in the stories, can stop him. Shahra gives Sonic a ring that seals a contract between her and her new master. Sonic rubs it as instructed, and is asked for a wish. He sneezes from a cold and humorously asks for a few handkerchiefs, getting a large pile. After doing so, he wishes to travel into the world of the Arabian Nights and flies into the book on a magic carpet stating, "Now this is first class!" After meeting Erazor Djinn, the evil genie throws an arrow of flame at Shahra as a punishment for not getting the World Rings. Sonic jumps in the way and gets stabbed in the chest. Erazor Djinn tells them that if they do not get him the Rings, he will kill Sonic. So they begin their epic journey to retrieve them.

In Adventure mode, players control Sonic with the Wii Remote by holding the controller sideways with both hands and will be able to use the controller in unique ways that take advantage of the Wii Remote's control mechanisms. Unlike other Sonic games, in which Sonic is controlled directly, Secret Rings features an indirect "on-rails" method of control in which Sonic moves forward automatically in a semi-linear path. Sonic's movement can be controlled by tilting the controller left or right. Gamecube controllers can be used for Party Games.

Concept: 5.3
Graphics: 9.7
Sound: 4.3
Playability: 6.7
Entertaiment: 6
Replay Value: Moderate
Overall Score: 5.8 - Bad
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I Agree, Sonic and the Secret rings was the best sonic game in a while.
But with Sonic Riders and Adventure Battle 2 thats nothing to be proud of.
A waste of my 40 quid tbh