Game Review: Sonic and the Secret Rings

Sonic and the Secret Rings:
Sega's first Sonic game on Wii. Fans opinions are split down the middle, just like they were with Super Mario Sunshine and Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The reason for this is because of the on-rails system. I for one like it (although [as with Monkey Ball] it took me some time to adjust)

The story goes that Sonic is reading "The Arabian Nights" when a genie called Shahra comes out telling him that her world's is under attack from another genie called the Erazor Gjinn (or however its spelt). Sonic agrees to go back to her world and help her. After a short spell (no pun intended) they meet Erazor and after a conversation (which I can't remember very well anymore, this was back in March) he fires an arrow at Sharah, but misses and hits Sonic instead. It turns out that this is a magical arrow which will kill him when the fire goes out. He orders Sonic to get him the seven world rings or he' something...Hey, it's been about six months since I went through this bit.

The controls are, as follows: You hold the Wiimote in its horizontal position and you tilt the Wiimote left and right to move Sonic. 2 to jump (hold it down to charge your jump) and 1 to brake. A little further into the game, you gain the ability to use Speed Break and Time break. These are activated by pressing up and down on the D-pad. When you're in the air you can either press 2 to fall straight to the ground straight away or you can thrust the remote forward to perform a homing attack (if you're near an enemy, the game automatically targets the nearest one)
There's a few other controls that need to be unlocked like the back-flip which moves you backwards faster (you can reverse by tilting the remote towards you)
The only one of these that feel clunky is the jump, which sometimes doesn't work properly (I described this badly I know x_x)
Otherwise the controls work really well :)

The graphics on this game are superb. Rivalling even a 360 game, but most people will speed through the game not noticing it at all. You really need to slow down no notice the fine details. The small amount of CGI work is really impressive too, but they were a bit lazy with the cutscenes, taking advantage of the book setting to be original.

The music is catchy, but mostly consists of Japanese rock. Even so it's pretty nice especially the main tune "seven rings in hand" (although it plays a bit too much for comfort)
The sound effects are also standard Sonic sounds. But there are some nice details like the heart beat sound when using Time break.

That's story mode pretty much mode now
With a lot of mini-games, it should be pretty awesome. But it isn't. Even with a variety of Mario party esque bits in between it unlike Super Monkey ball, it still fails in the same way. It's hard to say anything good about this too.

There's also a "special book" which has you unlocking new things like character designs and music. It's pretty nifty really :)

That's just about everything so now it's time for the score...Overall...90%
One of the best Wii games out there


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ive complete it and I HATE IT, the mini games in the party mode about 5 of them are actually good, the story mode is so boring. you do about 9 missions on the same level and thats not what sonic is about for me! and its stupid missions like, get 50 rings, defeat all enemies, race to the finish. Not original whatsoever and for me the worst game in the 3D Sonic Series.

Why cant they do a Sonic rush for the DS and go back to the really fast running loop de loops not on track and just 1 level with 1 mission!