Wii Fit


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Hey guys,

In E3 2007 Nintendo Announced a New game Called Wii Fit.
This comes with a motion board which you can see here


The board is used for an extensive array of fun and dynamic activities, including aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and games. Many of these activities focus towards providing a "core" workout, a popular exercise method that emphasizes slower, controlled motions. Family members will have fun staying active and talking about and comparing their results and progress on a new channel on the Wii Menu.

I Think this a great Idea I mean not only do we get a kick ass remote but we now get a really cool motion board!


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im sure there will be a massive audience for this but im not part of it . it just really doesnt interest me , i would rather play proper games which i can sit down and play to my hearts content for hours which it doesnt seem like you can do with this


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k-boz said:
This looks good, and i heard some developers are interested in using it for snowboarding games too!

yea but aparently only Nintendo can use the board. So it will proberbly only be 1 game. :mega_shok:


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It might be like brain training on DS and persuade people to buy a wii to keep fit, thast the idea of it lol. But i do hope they make other games using the board