Gamelab debates wii fit


One of Nintendo's most controversial E3 announcements was "Wii Fit," a combination of fitness-themed minigames played with a new controller; a balance board that players stand on and interact with by shifting their weight. Thor thinks it's going to be another massive hit, while Naomi is skeptical. They discussed the matter in a friendly point / counterpoint.


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Well, when the gaming industry encounters upon something new, it'll always be met with some levels of critcism.

Hopefully, the Wii Balance Board and Wii Fitness (as it'll be called in the UK) will be exceptional, just like Wii Sports - albeit less shallow. ;)

But incoparate a boxing game with the Remote, Nunchuk and the Balance Board and I'm a happy Squiddy.


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yup i think its a good idea as well, it bound to get more people interested in the wii which cant be a bad thing, i just hope they use the board for other games.


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I think it may be a good idea. but c'mon! can't we all just do some push ups before we go to bed or before we hop in the shower... 10 minutes a day!