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IF they ever came down to about £200-250 i would consider getting one, for all my tony hawk, metal gear soild, gran turismo etc style gaming needs.

Haha, of course i wont give up the wii, thats my favourite, but a guy can never have too many gaming consoles.

Anyone else considering one?


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Already got one, I paid £283 brand new from Ebay. I like it but still not a great deal of games that are any good yet so I don't really play on it much but im sure I will do once MGS and GTHD are out.


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I considered buying one, but after a lot of thoughts and deliberation I came to the conclussion that since I don't have money left, I can't buy anything. Advantages of high NerdLvl :p

I might buy it if I get enough money, though...


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I'm allowed to be bought one in December/January. ^_^

I'd say they are pretty cheap, considering you can get a 60GB PS3, 3 games, 2 Blu-Ray movies, HDMI cable and 2 controllers for £400. :D