No More Heroes Thread

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Hey guys,

Release date Late 2007/early 2008 for Eu!

No More Heroes is coming out on the Wii and boy it looks great!
Here are some screenies:




Yes there are swords! :)


And here is a trailer:
No More Heroes Trailer

I Cant wait for this game!


This game may already face banning even before release!
In a recent Interview with Goichi Suda he revealed He plans to make the game more gory and more violent than manhunt 2. As you all know manhunt 2 has been banned in the UK. Therefore he will need to tone down the game to get a place as a UK/American Release


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hey nice pictures and thnx for taking the time to make this thread:friends:

p.s when is this game coming out?


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supersujay said:
is game based off the tv show heros and is it going to be any good?

It's not based on the Heroes TV show.

This game was codenamed Heroes, but cos of licensing issues with the name (as the show was already out then), the game is now called No More Heroes, which will be an epic game. :)

It doesn't use the Remote's motion sensing capabilities all the time (the pointer will be used though) in sword fights as the producer said it'd be tiring for players (good point, the Remote may have ruined the game if it was crappy hack 'n' slash), but it'll be epic. If you wanna know how this game will be like, get killer7 on Gamecube as it was made in the same visual style, and by the same development team.


Soz, theres already a thread
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