Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots Thread


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This is to anyone who has a PS3 or is saving up for one to buy next year (like me).

What has got to be a mind-blowing killer app for Sony's console is finally get closer to release (2008 I think). This will apparently be the last MGS game in the series, but there's no doubt it'll end with a bang, not a whimper.

Have any of you seen the 15 minute demonstration presentation that Hideo Kojima showed off this week?

Post your thoughts about the trailers shown off about this game, as well as anything in general about MGS.


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I saw the in game play trailer yesterday in HD quality and is truly a stunning game. I love the camoflage he has, that is really good, un-realistic but really good.
I already got a PS3 and can't wait for that game, thats one of the reasons I got a PS3.


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Squiddy said:
TimpZ said:
my friend has it, but i think the controls are fine...

MGS4 isn't out until Spring 2008.

Probably means MGS 3 :D
I'd just like this opportunity to say MGS is way too over rated.
I don't know why, but i've never liked the MGS games, there's something about them that i find........boring.


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The HD quality trailer is just immense, BIG shame Metal Gear wouldnt come back to nintendo (except for SSBB) it would be great on the wii, although would the wii be able to handle the graphics?


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The Wii wouldn't be able to handle the graphics at all, although it won't get a release on the Wii, if it ever did they could do a scaled down version with some stuff removed and lower graphics like they did on Splinter Cell Double Agent, half the game is missing compared to the PC version but it still turned out to be ok.
I can't wait for the game, luckily I have a PS3 and that game is one of the main reasons I got a PS3 I am a total fan of the MGS series, another reason I can't wait for SSBB as Snake is in it.


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its the best game in the world... or will be. The demonstration was fine and the new bosses video is wick. I cant wait to play it. I also need it to play resi 5. but thats it i cant think of any other killer apps for the ps3 as everything seems to be moving multiformat. I hope mgs 2 and mgs3 are released on the wii in one package. It will be like the twin snakes thing. (i want it cos my bro is buying the ps3 so i dont get to play it much as he goes uni)


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Well i am gonna get a ps3 and ive completed all the mgs games but this is probably the one i wont get since snakes old and you cant be raiden and for the first time hes not gay -.-
I might change my mind later but so far im most excited abotu resi 5,dmc3,ffXIII and like 50other games lol