Mario and the Conditioner

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Here's my fanfic don't copy it or else ;)

One early morning, Mario got a letter from Princess Peach. The letter said "Dear Mario, I left some conditioner for you in my room. Come later and pick it up Yours Truly Princess Peach." Mario was convinced because Peach always gives him presents as a thank-you. Mario later went to the Castle and met up with luigi. Luigi told mario "Let's race for whoever gets the conditioner. Winner gets Conditioner." Mario thought he was fast so he accepted the challenge without any thought. So the two raced off for the conditioner! Luigi later tricked mario by putting his foot out in the way. Mario carelessly fell and Luigi got the conditioner. Luigi laughed at Mario. Mario then kicked Luigi and gave him a poison shroom, and got the conditioner from him. Mario Later on chased recklessly to his house and luigi followed. The chase for the conditioner begins! As Luigi chases Mario, Mario eats a shroom and grows 3 times larger. Mario later on kicks Luigi and makes him fall hard on the grass. Mario then rushes home and takes a shower. The quest for the conditioner is over and Mario's hair is extremely soft!

The End

so what did ya guys think?