Sympathy of the Demon


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Sympathy of the Demon

This story is in a world where demons are creatures that only live in faery tales. People were shocked beyond anything when they heard such creatures actually lived and feed on the hate of people. Try to imagine meeting a creature filled with pure hate and think what you would do. This story is about a small group of adventurers, including a demon hunter.

"What the hell is that?!" I could suddenly hear Damien shout. Only meters away from us was a being... a creature. Whatever it was, it was sitting on a large rock while two dead bodies surrounded the creature. The rock, that was supposed to have a grey color could easily be mistaken for a rock that immediately arrived from hell. It was completely red from the blood of the two dead bodies, but the dark creature had no blood stain on its paws. Whatever it was, it was as dark as the night and we had trouble to focus on it completely.
"Is that a demon?" Richie asked with misbelief in his eyes. I could see his legs trembling and the grip around his sword weakening. Both for Richie and myself, who were childhood friends, was it the first time we actually saw a demon up close. Keith, a mage who was a Demon Hunter as profession dealt with one more than once. "Is that really a demon?!" Richie nearly shouted at us while he started to sound scared. Facing mere thieves and bandits is a very different thing than facing a demon.
I pushed a few black hairs over my head, so I could see the creature without anything covering my eyes, but he still looked like quite a blur. It was not as if something was wrong with my eyes, but whatever the creature was made of, our normal eyes could not focus on it. "They say that demons are born by the hate people have for each other," I softly spoke after hearing Richie scream. "But I thought that demons were only a fairy tale to scare young children."
"So you dispised our profession, Ori-Jix?" Keith asked me with irony in his voice. It was true, if I hardly believed demons actually exist, I must have ignored the profession of the red-haired mage. Maybe it was his destructive magic that impressed me enough to let him go along... or maybe it was something else. Whatever it was, I never had a second of regret that Keith was among us.
"Then tell me, Keith. Is this a demon? One of the many that you hunt?" The brown haired Damien shouted at Keith. Even a rough man like him didn't feel right with the demon only several meters away from us either. "I don't know if all demons are supposed to look like this," the giant continued, "but I can't seem to get a good look on it."
Keith could only nod upon hearing Damien. He was probably afraid of hurting his pride if he said that even a demon hunter with his name couldn't completely focus on a creature like that. After a moment of silence and none of us mustering up the courage to approach the creature, Keith finally spoke again. "This isn't a creature I've seen before," he slowly started, hesitating in what he was going to say next yet not stuttering. "Just look at it. You can't even get a clean impression of it."
I tried to brush some sand away from my face, using the sleeve from leather jacket I wore, but even though it pushed the sand away, it also left a mark of dirt on my face. Despite that we were only a short distance away from the creature, it didn't notice us. It just sat there lonely on a rock with two dead bodies next to him. The bodies were from a teenage girl and a somewhat older guy and it didn't look like the two were friends. As a matter of fact, it looked more like girl was struggeling before she was killed. The smile on the older man's face clearly indicated that his dead was not expected by him. Though a natural dead could have been the cause of his death, but it would not explain the enourmus amount of blood. If we didn't see the bodies of the two people, we might have guessed that they must have exploded. There was no other logical explanation for the amount of blood.
"What should we do," Richie desperately called out as he finally dropped his sword. The sword didn't make much of a sound when it fell, or maybe it was because of Richie's desperate activity. "What should we do, Ori-Jix?!" He called out again. Normally, Richie, who's real name is Richard Martin Dawson, is a friendly timid man, but the sight of a real demon probably made his blood boil. With an exception of Keith, none of us ever saw one in real life, not to mention being so close from one.
Damien quickly unsheethed his blade as he started to grin a bit. "Kill it of course," he softly growled as he tried to focus on the demon again. Whatever manner of creature it was, it did not hear Damien nor did it hear the pleats from Richie. "We probably have the best demon hunter from the lands on our side," Damien continued as he peeked at Keith who still looked at us with a cool expression.
"Kill it? Kill it, you say?!" Richie spoke as he stepped forward to Damien. "We can't even get a clean look at it!"
Again I tried to look in the direction of the creature, yet the feeling that it didn't notice us was gone. We constantly had the feeling that it wasn't aware of our pressence as it didn't move. Or at least, no movement was made as far as we knew it. But was that really true? Did a demon had the same restrictions as a humanoid being? Did it have to look through its eyes to see something, did it has to listen with its ears to hear something? We couldn't say; not only because we couldn't look at it directly, but also because we knew practically nothing from its kind.
"Stop it, Richie!" I finally spoke. "We are here because we are supposed to clear the way of any possible treats," I started to explain. I slowly directed my look to Keith and Damien; the difference in body length was enourmus. Damien was a giant of at least two meters who carried a two-handed sword that looked as if it was the length of Keith himself. Keith looked like your average mage and not very tall either. It almost made me chuckle to see the big difference between them. "What are your suggestions, Keith? You faced demons before."
Keith looked a bit surprised when I asked him; it was clear that he didn't expect the question at all. "Attacking it directly might not be the best idea, Ori-Jix," Keith started to explain. "Every demon I faced before was stronger than it looked like. No doubt about it that this is an exception."
"Excuse me, Keith, but this thing looks pretty strong to me!" Richie shouted, not quite believing what Keith just told. We couldn't blame Richie for saying that, when we think of a demon, we expected some kind of humanoid failed experimented subject. This creature was completely different, not only couldn't we get a clear look at it, but from what we could see, it looked as if it just jumped out of pure darkness. Even the area around the creature looked to be affected by it; as if a dark fog was created around it.
After a moment of silence, seeing that Keith was unable to reply to the question of Richie, I finally spoke again. "Some demons are intelligent. Maybe it will listen to reason."
"Are you mad?!" Keith immediately reacted. This was very unlikely for the cool Keith, who only usually only respond when he has something logical to say or to state his own opinion; never has it been so blunt before. Even the expression of Keith was unlike him. He looked scared, as if he was afraid of the demon, despite that his profession was to hunt them down. "Can your puny brain even start to realize what such a creature is capable of doing, Sir Kindheart?"
'Kindheart,' that was a name I didn't hear often anymore. Kindheart was a title that was given to me when I first reported to the Empire to serve them. I was proud on gaining it, but it slowly became old and people started to forget about it. "Do you want to face such a creature in combat then, Keith?" I asked him in reply in the same kind of tone as the man. For once, it felt as if Keith was scared to face the demon.
Damien and Richie both remained quiet upon hearing Keith and myself. I don't know what Richie must have been thinking, but Damien could probably only imagine that a direct assault was the best and only option. He probably didn't get to the point yet that the creature could have been watching us all along. "Step aside, Ori-Jix." Were the soft words from Keith, who already closed his eyes.
It took a second until the eyes of Keith were opened again, but if this would be the first time seeing him, you wouldn't believe that the color of his eyes just changed. Instead of the normal blue eyes he had, they became as red as the robe he wore or the color of his hair. They were blood red, the exact reflection of his fury and hate. Using magic is not like people read in stories, it is just shooting out a fireball out of nothing. Shooting a fireball as example needs ingredients. Fire cannot exist in a place with no air and it also needs something to mix fire with, like a rock. The collections of many small rocks could make a bigger one. Experienced mages in this kind of stuff can even created a ball of pure fire, but that takes more effort than mixing it with a vast material such as a rock.
It was clear to us that Keith was taking his time and didn't want to make a mistake while casting. Someone with Keith's skill, he could have casted the spell seconds ago. But the longer it takes, the less chance it has to fail. The mage probably thought that he had to keep some energy, so he intentionally takes more time to recover from it while casting the spell. Keith Itchan is without a doubt the most powerful mage I ever faced.
As if we didn't know any better, we could see a red circle appearing under the feet of Keith. The circle was the barrier to the other realm, so he could cast the spell carefully. Within seconds, we could see lines of fire flying in circles around the red haired mage that closed his eyes again. In order to fully control the magic - which is not always necessary - concentration is necessary, the mere sight of something could distract the person and let the spell fail.
"Is he planning of blowing the demon up?" Damien asked in a curious but eager tone. The wild warrior always supported the choice which would involve most bloodshed, not necessarily by his own hands. The simple minded warrior was always a great asset to our party. Isn't it like a fairy tale? The warrior, the wizard and the leader? I guess Richie is a bit of an exception in that case.
Richie didn't look very scared anymore when Keith started to cast the spell. He looked like there was something far more fearsome than the demon: the demon hunter. "There is no way a demon like that can survive such a spell, right?"
"Don't compliment him too much, Richie. Despite the long casting time, this is nothing more than a mere fire spell," I explained in the most simple words I could think of at that moment. I don't know what Keith was thinking, but he probably felt like it was a waste of time to use his strongest spells. Whatever went through his mind, he was the most experienced guy among us when it came to demons. Richie, Damien and I never faced a demon before; I didn't even think they existed, let alone facing one. But after seeing so many different spells from the demon hunter, I started to learn what kind of spells the mage was using. Despite that I couldn't cast any kind of mage spell, I could recognize what kind of spell a mage was casting, or what kind of creature was being summoned.
I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, which resulted me in quickly looking behind me as it surprised me. The face of Damien was the first thing I saw when I turned around. "Make sure we get extra paid when we're back, Ori-Jix," were the soft words from Damien. It was strange, normally the leather-cladded warrior talked in a loud tone, partly to show that he wasn't afraid of anything. This time the voice was whispering. For a second I could not believe it was the same man that I travelled with for so long that said that to me.
A little smile crossed my face upon hearing it. "I sure will," I answered "not everyone faces a real demon every day. This is definitely one for our memories, Damien."
"Move!" Damien and I heard as a desperate shout, filled with anger. I didn't think for a second, but immediately jumped to the side. Jumping while carrying armor for battle was nearly impossible to do and it looked more as if I let myself fall than that I jumped, but at least I 'moved.'
I quickly looked to my left while 'moving' to look where the voice came from. It seemed that Keith was finally done casting the fire spell and a giant fireball, made from a giant ball of boiling magma, was heading our way. It completely slipped my mind that I was standing right in his point of view.
"Damien!" I shouted as I saw the ball of fire heading for us. Instead of looking at the spell, I quickly reverted my look towards the fighter. It took him a fragment of a second too long to realize what Keith shouted at him. Richie and I could only watch as the ball of fire closing in on Damien with an enourmus speed, almost too fast for our eyes to follow completely, wouldn't the magical spell be so big.
"Bah!" I could hear Keith shout right before the fireball was supposed to hit Damien. As if it was a part of his body, the fireball started to fly up right over the tall fighter. The powerful mage had complete control over his own spell and maybe even anticipated that Damien and I weren't planning of moving. Maybe that would be the result of the long casting time. To control something as fierce as a fireball, someone really has to take the time to cast something like that. Sometimes I wonder how Keith thinks. "Move, Damien!" Keith shouted again.
"The ring isn't disappearing!" Richie suddenly shouted at me as he pointed to Keith. The circle beneath Keith, where originally the magical fire was coming from didn't disappear, but more fire was produced from it instead and two seperate fireballs were created while using no material at all. They were pure balls of fire, purely made from heath and flames, using an air spell to keep the fire together so it wouldn't just... disappear.
Without taking a second of hesitating, I immediately grabbed the left leg from the giant warrior and pulled it towards me, letting the man fall. That too took a while for him to realize too. The man was your ideal model for being 'strong but stupid.' Within a second of hearing the fall of him next to me, I could feel heath flying right over my head. I could've sworn that it burned a few hairs of my face away while flying over us. For a second I thought that Keith was wasting his talents by being around us. Experienced and loyal as were, Keith was on a completely different level than Richie, Damien or myself.
I quickly turned my head towards the pitch-black demon where the three fireballs were heading to. Upon turning, I could see the first fireball connect.
The first fireball connected and we could see an explosion taking place. The rock the demon was sitting on shattered in pieces and trees around his immediately set fire. But instead of the smoke disappearing and the fire stopping, it seemed to increase after the touch of the rock. As if it was a small vulcano, fire started to climb up in the sky and before the two other fireballs connected, a pillar of flames replaced the rock where the demon was sitting on earlier. Despite standing far away to not feel any bit of the fire, we could feel our bodies producing sweat because of both the heath and excitement.
"You overdid yourself, Itchan," I softly whispered to myself as I saw the two other fireballs connect. Instead of flying straight into the pillar of fire, it circled a couple of times around it before it actually entered it. Upon the last one entering, the fire slowly started to become less. It almost looked as if someone threw water on it, the fire was disappearing without a trace in mere seconds and a giant amount of smoke took its place. "What did you do, Keith?" I quickly asked after the fire was getting less while turning to the mage who looked quite satisfied with himself.
Richie and Damien immediately looked towards the young mage as well. "I blew him up," the mage grinned while his eyes were returning the way how it was before. Like the color of the sea, blue. "Blew him, just like Damien wanted."
"It never saw it coming," Richie softly spoke to himself, just loud enough for me to hear it. The eyes of Richie were big, he could not believe what just happened. For a moment it felt like he had to throw up. "Poor thing. Killed before it even knew that it was attacked."
"Oh, don't worry about that, Richard," Keith suddenly spoke up still looking very pleased. "I'm sure it noticed the radiant heath that approached it." The talented mage was not someone who bragged much about his acomplishments, in opposite of his skills he could not shut up about, but he seemed to now. "Demons are something that should not belong in this world. It's better dead than alive."
An approving nod of me was all I could give. "He's right, Richie," I spoke out loud while looking at my companion.
The once calm green forest was no longer so calm or green. Not only were still a few trees on fire because of the explosion, grass was scorched from here until the place where once stood a big rock. No animal dared to approach the now black area. Little was still visible from the area where once the demon sat. There was much grass and other kind of natural stuff that easily set fire. It's like setting a paper on fire. Despite that the fire can disappear quickly, the smoke will stay for a little while.
"It's dead now," Damien started to speak, "let's continue. I'm sure there are a few bandits left."
"I don't think so. They probably fled upon hearing that explosion," I replied after breaking into a loud laughter. No one with common sense would stay after hearing such a loud explosion... or at least, not stay in a close range. Luckily, the village was still pretty far away, so they couldn't hear much of the explosion; even if they could, no one would muster up the courage to go and travel into the woods to see what caused it. "Or at least, I sure would."
The mage started to slowly laugh as well. "Well then Orenderius, aren't you happy that we're on the same side?"
With a loud sound we could hear something fall. Damien, Keith and I immediately looked at the place where the sound came from, which was clearly from where Richie stood. The sword he apparently grabbed for a reason was dropped to the ground and hit a rock. We could see the legs of Richie shaking, the face of him slowly getting pale and his hand was no longer under his own control. His head slowly turned towards us as he pointed to a certain area with his no longer occupied hand.
I was the first who understood what he meant and I quickly looked towards the area he was pointing at, while the fellow warrior and red mage followed.
I felt the area around me spin. The creature Keith blew up was still standing and it didn't even look harmed. It had no ash on its body and it had no wounds. Most smoke disappeared already and we could see the rock where it sat on before. Not much was left of the rock, most of it shattered upon the explosion, the other part looked red from the heath, just not enough to let the rock melt. The bodies that lay there before also completely disappeared. A few remaining bones were left, but most of it melted by the exploding magic of Keith.
Then it suddenly hit me: we could see it. No longer was it blurry image to look at. We could finally see the demon in its full glory. But most of us probably would've wished that we still only saw a blur. The creature was pitch black and the only color it had were its eyes. They were of a color that was impossible to describe. Maybe it was the color of the blood, red, but after watching it for a moment, it felt more like something far more darker; far more hostile. Its body was something I never saw before. Sometimes during the night time when I can't sleep, I take a good look at the sky and enjoy the sight of the stars... this creature's body was similar to the night sky. I could see the stars within its body and it seemed a bit transparant for a moment would it not influence the area around itself.
"This," Keith started to speak. "I blewed," he tried to continue, but in his stuttering voice, he didn't come far. "It's not supposed to."
"Then my solution was the best after all!" Damien suddenly shouted as he started to run towards the black creature while pulling out his insanely big sword ready to hit the creature with it. A direct attack was everything Damien was good at and it was his first and only suggestion from the start.
The creature reacted to Damien's assault as it opened its arms a little bit, as if it was inviting to be attacked.
We all expected to hear the sound of steel hitting flesh but nothing was heard upon hitting the creature. No, a better description would be that it never hit anything at all. "It's a ghost!" Damien shouted out of pure desperateness. His blade went right through the body of the creature, as if it didn't even stand there at all. Everything Damien could feel was that he hit straight into the air.
"Move, Damien! It must be immune to normal weapons!" Keith shouted as he casted an ice spell towards the creature, probably in the hope to freeze it so we could find the best way to get rid of the creature. Keith didn't take any time to cast the spell and only extended his arm and opened his hand. We could see some of the remaining grass around him freezing and not far around him the area was changing color, but only a somewhat smaller than expected ice shard flew past me.
Damien, this time not hesitating, immediately moved upon hearing the words of Keith and was not a second too late. It felt like it was a move they learned together. No a fragment of a second passed when Damien moved aside and the shard passed him.
"It didn't connect," Keith whispered, not believing his own words. The shard flew straight through the body of the demon and finally hits a tree that was located several meters behind the nameless creature. The tree immediately transformed into a prison of ice. Even the weaker spells of the young mage were of tremendous strength. "Why didn't it connect?"
Damien bit his lower lip as he returned his sword from the transparant body of the black creature and took a step back. Upon returning the sword, the creature finally started to look less transparant and gained a solid form. Its body didn't change, but it was no longer possible to look straight through the creature. The creature who was at least of the same size as the tall warrior looked him straight into the eyes and despite that we could only see the back of the swordsman, we knew that he was boiling with anger.
For a moment I could have convinced people that we were fighting nothing. It closed its eyes for a second and we could only see a giant black area in the middle of the forest where it still stood. It's body was impressive to look at but we also knew that if it would live, it would definitely be a treat for the king.
"What is it doing?!" Damien shouted as he saw the hand of the creature extending towards him.
"Get away from there!" I immediately shouted as I saw its arm moving. At those moments I wish that Damien could understand things just as fast as anyone else of us. He actually took the time to look back at us and for the first time we could remember, we could read fear in the eyes of the giant warrior. But only for a second could we see that expression in his eyes... not even a second after that, we couldn't read anything from his eyes anymore. There was no life left in his eyes. He just looked in front of him, no longer at us. Just... blank.
It took a while for me to realize that the demon killed our companion, yet never touching his body.
I could hear the sound of Richie falling to his knees as he also saw the expression of Damien changing. "Keith," Richie called out. Keith still managed to look towards the other fighter of the team while fear could also be read from his face. "Was that magic? Demonic magic?"
"I don't know," the mage replied. "I didn't feel any source of any other realm activity," Keith answered. Normally when a magic spell is casted, a fellow mage is able to feel an other realm opening. Meaning that something unlogical is approaching. In this case, Keith never felt anything of the sort. "There is also nothing like 'Demonic magic,' Richard. All kind of magic from a mage comes from the same place."
The creature still stood there, now next to the still standing Damien. Despite that there was no life to read in the eyes of Damien, he still managed to stand. "What did you do to him?!" I shouted towards the creature while pulling out my own sword, ready to defend myself.
"He is dead from the inside," were the words that suddenly shot in our thought. A voice, something that made us shiver upon hearing it mentioned something in our heads. He did not speak out loud like us humans did, but he talked in our heads. "He did not suffer."
The creature finally started to walk at us in a slow pace, while Keith, Richie and I started to take steps backwards.
"Richie, go to the village. Go ask for back up," I managed to say before I saw Keith already standing next to me. "Your suggestion, demon hunter?"
"None," Keith immediately replied with as he started to look just as pale as the rest of us. "This is not a demon."
I didn't hesitate for a moment when I heard what Keith said and I immediately looked towards him. "Not a demon? Then what is it? I never faced a creature like this before!"
"I'm on it, Ori-Jix!" Richie called out as didn't even bother to grab his sword, but immediately ran towards the public road: the fastest and safest way to get somewhere. Running with armor on is next to impossible, but it seemed like Richie didn't even care about that anymore. He was running with a pace that was very unlikely for a soldier.
"That leaves the two of us Keith," I mentioned in a hasty tone. I could not believe that Damien, who isn't afraid of anything what he can fight against, was just killed in combat. But was it combat? Was it really something he could do anything against? The creature only showed him his hand and it just stopped. Was that a battle?
Out of nothing, Keith suddenly stopped walking backwards. "Well, Ori-Jix, I have no intention of going down without a fight!" The mage suddenly shouted at me while his eyes were changing from color again. "Maybe you should run, Ori-Jix."
"Run? Me?" I asked him with a smile on my face. I pushed the somewhat longer hairs out of my face and lifted the sword in front of me. "I'll distract him. Take your time to cast whatever you need, Keith." Never did I give all my hope to Keith. Despite that I often let Keith do whatever he wishes to do, I never let him make the choices, nor did I ever think that I would be willing to risk my life just to stall time.
Despite looking at a direct and natural smile, the expression of Keith never changed except that he wasn't as pale as before anymore. "Very well, Ori-Jix," Keith finally spoke. "But you won't be alone."
Upon saying those words, Keith pointed at four places on the ground. It was just normal ground, with one of them still filled with fresh grass, the other three places was full with burned grass and mostly existing out of sand. The demon stopped walking when it saw the ground moving and three hands grew out of the ground where was once burned grass. Within only a matter of seconds, three big golem-like creatures stood in a small crater. They were created by the sand what was once beneath them.
Suddenly, my eyes grew bigger. He pointed four times and only three appeared. I quickly reverted my eyes to the fourth place he pointed at, the place with most grass. A creature similar to the other three stood there, but it looked as if it was an ancient guardian. The rocks it was made of were solid and some grass and weed was growing between it.
"They will help you."
The demon took a good look to all four golem-like creatures before it returned its look towards me. Despite that I could see him clearly now, there was no possible way that I could read what it was thinking. Its entire body was pitch-black and except for the eyes, there was nothing I could see of its face besides the shape. Just looking at the creature made me shiver. I had a hard time to imagine that I actually offered Keith to stall time. At this current moment, I wish I was running next to Richie towards the village... to get as far away from this demon as possible. It wouldn't matter if they would call me a coward, as long as I could get away.
Finally, after a long time of silence from the creature, we could hear it sigh. After a moment of sighing from the creature, it looked up again and we could see its eyes growing more narrow. "I wish your face was similar to us humans, demon!" I shouted right before I increased my pace towards him while still carrying my sword high. Even before I came close to the Empire I was praised for my combat skills, despite that I was still years away from the skills of Damien or the defense capabilities of Richie, I had a very nice combination. Though the other parts they praised me for just didn't seem to be useful in this case.
It took a mere few seconds until I could watch the creature in the eyes. I was hoping that I would surprise the creature with the quick reaction speed of mine, but I could not be more wrong. The creature easily dodged my first swing, blocked my leg I was going to kick him with and finally immediately returned the hit with the head, forcing me to the ground. I could feel myself slowly going down to the ground after feeling him counter every move I made.
Before I even hit the ground, I could see the three golem-like creatures fall apart. They missed parts in their body; only a moment later I could see the demonic creature standing a little further away from one of the last golem-like creatures. He held the chest, which existed out of one giant rock, of the golem-like creature in one hand and it looked as if his fingers were made of acid. You could clearly see the rock melt underneath his fingers. That he was able to do something like that was one thing, but the fact that he managed to destroy them within the time of me falling to the ground was impressing me to the fullest.
"Get out of here, Keith!" I managed to shout, but I always already too late.
Clouds started to appear in the sky and the ground started to change form its original color. Keith looked up to the creature with a giant grin on his face. "Let's see how you can get through a thunder storm big boy," the mage said with still that same grin on his face. The demon couldn't see it, but I could, that thunderstorm was not Keith's original spell to cast. When he saw the four summons being defeated so easily and me being unable to get up, I guess he thought he could not delay any longer so he casted a different spell instead, splitted into two. In other words, he was planning of casting something similar to a thunderstorm, but he never managed to finish the complete spell.
The demon remained a while on its place while looking at the quickly changing sky before it started to move its legs again. Or at least, that's what it planned to do. Despite trying to move its legs, the creature didn't manage to set a single step. Without any second doubt, both the creature and I immediately looked towards its legs. The reason why the creature could not move were because its feet were frozen. Not just its feet either, but the area around him was a beautiful frozen plains. Trees that were on fire earlier were now slightly frozen. For a second I was wondering if Keith was just exxagerating his spells, but that is unlikely in this case. He had to cast a second spell in the mean time and tried to make it as strong as possible to hold the creature in control.
The creature didn't manage to get away before the thunder finally smashed him. Keith and I could see the ice around him shatter into pieces and finally crack the ground what it froze. The cold earth is not used to let thunder hit it and therefore splitting the ground open. The creature probably didn't feel the fire when it was as transparant as before, but this time it was different. He had a solid form and he was able to take ahold of the summons, Damien and myself. Now he had a solid form, he should have felt the thunder strike.
"It's still standing!" I could hear Keith scream in a desperate tone.
"Where?" I asked as I started to hastily look around the area where the thunder hit. Nothing was left, except a small crater where the thunder stroke, and the places that were split open by the frozen earth. There was no sign of the black demon.

The story never really got finished because I never really tried to continue it. The story in general is complete, it only lacks an introduction and an end, which I am not intending to write because the story is only average. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that this story is another side story of If, and only if; most, if not all, fantasy stories of mine are.​