Throw a random object at the next poster

Basically you chuck any item at the next poster who then gets hit by it
And remember; only dodge it if it's for a comical effect.

P1: *throws a cat at the next poster*
P2: *holds up balloon; cat pops balloon and flies into the air* Haha! I win! *cats falls down and lands on P2's head and scratches him to death* AHHH!
*Dead'd but still manages to throw an apple at the next poster*
P3: *Swallows the apple and maintains an insane smile* *throws a DS lite at the next poster*

Got that?
Ok, let's start. Remember, it's not about being the best, it's about being funny.

*Throws a widescreen TV at the next poster*


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*Watches news report on said Widescreen TV before it hits VGSMe*
*Throws a sheet of A4 paper at next poster*


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yay, poop! Finally something for my dungbeetle *catches is and put it in his schoolbag*
throws 2 feng shui books at next poster
Guys, it'd be better if you posted more than what you do with the stuff that gets thrown at you. At least write down the bit that you get hit. *looks up* Oh sh-*crushed by llama*
*pushes the Llama off and it spits in my face*
*throws the next posters worst fear at the next poster*


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*sees dead sister flying towards me* Noo! *catches* Wait! We can rebuild her. We have the technology, we can make her stronger, faster, better!
*throws a copy of "The 6 million dollar man at next poster*


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*gets knocked down and have a dream about pink cactuses that dances salsa and eat yougurt*

*wakes up and throws a laweyer*