Review: Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess


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First Game to come out for the Wii.
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Dates: US: 11/19/06 UK: 12/8/06
Genre: Action-Adventure
Modes: Single Player
Rating: ESRB: T PEGI: 11+
Platforms: Wii, Gamecube
Media: 1 Wii Disc, 1 Gamecube disc
Input: Wiimote and Nunchuk, Gamecube Controller

The story features Link a couple of decades after Ocarina Of Time. Link works in a ranch called Ordon Ranch when monsters suddently attack the village and kidnap the children.Link pursues the attackers and a monster pulls him through a strange black wall which transforms him into a large wolf because of the triforce of courage. The monsters drag him off and link awakens imprisoned in Hyrule Castle.An imp-like creature named Midna appears and releases him, and the story begins.

Link learns many new techniques in this game such as Hidden skills which could be achieved by howling into the howling stone. A golden wolf then appears and teaches you the trick and you must use it against him. There are 7 Hidden skills and each help defeat the final boss Ganon.

Concept: 9.2
Graphics: 9.6
Sound: 8.9
Playability: 9.8
Entertaiment: 9.1
Replay Value: Moderate
Overall Score: 9.6 - Amazing
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good review
I thought that it was at least 85 yaers after OOT because Allegedly the spirit that teaches you the hidden skills is the Link from OOT.... at least thats what I have heard