Preview: Super Mario Galaxy


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A true 3D Mario Platform Game.
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: US: 11/12/07 UK: Q4 2007
Genre: Platformer
Mode: Single Player, MultiPlayer
Rating: ESRB: E PEGI: 7+
Platform: Wii
Media: 1 Wii Disc
Input: Wiimote,Nunchuk



Most of the game is set in outer space along a vast chain of miniature planetoids and other space matter. Mario is capable of jumping or launching from planet to planet in order to gather items and defeat enemies. Gravity plays a significant role in the game, as each planet has a gravitational force that prevents Mario from drifting off into space, which allows the player to walk evenly around a complexly rounded surface. The varying degrees of gravity also have an effect on Mario's ability to jump, and is used to pull Mario towards certain planetoids while in mid-flight. Like previous 3D Mario games, the main objective is to collect Stars, which are awarded by completing tasks or defeating enemies. The game will have six themed areas, 40 galaxies, and 120 stars to collect.

Like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64 DS Mario’s health consists of a power meter, which causes Mario to lose a life if it reaches zero. When the game starts, Mario begins with a power meter made of three sections. Mario has a second and separate health meter that designates his air supply when swimming underwater; if it is empty Mario will drown. The bottomless pits featured in previous Mario games which cause Mario to lose a life when fallen in have been replaced by black holes, which are stationed beneath the surfaces of certain planets and peppered throughout space.

The Game will also feature co-op multiplayer when one player points the pointer and picks up items and the other one moves mario around.

Demo Controls
Nunchuk: Used to move mario
A button Used for jumping
B Button Pick up objects
Z Button Used for crouching
D-Pad Camera Control (c Button works too for centering the Camera)
Wiimote Used for pointing and spin attacking when shaking you can also block enemies with the pointer

After Princess Peach is kidnapped, Mario follows the culprit into outer space. There, Mario encounters enemies and bosses while traveling around and between spherical worlds and flat space platforms.

Hope you enjoyed my preview :) I would like to thank Wikipedia for the Info and Squiddy for the advice :) Thank you all