Super Mario Galaxy Updated!(spoiler warning)


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First off Boxart is Updated..

Pretty cool huh?
Amazingly better than the previous one..

Here's the old one..

Storyline is also revealed..
A comet passes over the Mushroom Kingdom every 100 years and rains down magical stars and stardust. As Peach and the gang are enjoying the celebrations though, Bowser and his friends launch an attack. Mario tries to intervene but it all goes wrong and he ends up on a moon above.

The game will feature six major regions, split into 40 galaxies with 120 stars to collect in total. Some examples of galaxies are:
Gateway Galaxy - Hop across planets as you chase space rabbits for their stars and battle a gigantic Goomba.
Stardust Galaxy - Use beam stars to get around space debris, travel across a disused rocket and rescue toads
Cookie Factory Galaxy - Moving platforms and bottomless pits.

A number of power-ups can be collected on your travels:

Super Mushroom (restores max health)
Invincibility Star
Fire Flower
Bee Mario Suit
Boo Mario Suit

Pretty cool right? Well thats all I have.. hope you enjoy the update..


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Yes, If you search around on youtube, im pretty sure there was a video of the intro cutscene, you know, the star festival. But i dont have the link anoymore, so u gotta just search aruond :)