Mad Libs Contest


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This is probably the first ever minor competition on Wii Pros (Dont worry Mario and Golden Assassin, I have permission). Anyone can play, Matt and Mods and everyone else. For all of you who havent heard of Mad Libs, this is a game where I give a paragraph with blanks, and you guys need to fill them in. Whoever comes up with the funniest paragraph will win a COIN PRIZE! And remember, funny doesnt always mean gross. Deadline for entries are on September 1st. Enter as many times as you want! Also PLEASE PM THE PARAGRAPH TO ME WITH THE SUBJECT AS "CONTEST".

Once, there was a ______ named ______. It loved to _______. One day, it decided to ______ a ________. The ______ wasnt happy. Because it wasnt happy, it ______ in a ________._______'s mother was mad, so she ______ her ________.Then, the _______ ate a guy named _______. This guy was sorta ________ when he was eatin, so while inside of the __________'s stomach, he pulled out a ________ and _______ his/her way out of _________'s stomach. After _________ was out, he ran into a _________. The ________ ate the guy again. ________ was ________, so he pulled out a _________ and _______ the ________. He then went home to ______ a _______.
The End.

(Hint: try to use the same names if it'll make sense. This is gonna be kinda hard to make a paragraph, and to make it funny. Good Luck)


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I can say that this contest is legit. The winner will receive the coins straight from gdog.

*Not an official Contest*