The Alaskan Turning Point


A short novel-like story that my friend Isaac and I made back in 7th grade with all of our free time. There were some cool fonts, but that doesn't really matter. I know there are hints of plagiarism. It's about a power-hungry squirrel and a barn owl. The first chapter was written by Isaac, the second by me and it switches off every chapter. Enjo

Chapter 1
Tam was not in any sense normal. He had a rather large white bushy tail, flaps of skin under his arms, and was covered in white fur. But then again, he was a squirrel. But for squirrels he was still odd. He lived in ALASKA man! He was a gliding squirrel, and had an urge to dominate the world. Most of the other squirrels from the tree said the cold and constant darkness addled his brain, but usually behind his back because he could tear them apart half asleep and with both paws tied behind his back. Right now, Tam was flexing his arms on one of the huge branches of the pine tree that the squirrel clan lived in.

I gazed out at the place of many suns. At least, that’s what everybody in the clan called it. I was smart enough to figure out what it was on my own. It was obviously, a human colony. I didn’t even bother trying to glide over there. A huge barn owl kind of patrolled the area, and was an extreme hunter. I tried finding its home, and only succeeded in finding a foxhole, and the owner did not like being bothered. I looked around, and put on my night-vision contact lenses. Yeah that’s right. I stole a chemistry set from some human, and made my very own pair of night vision goggles! I also made a parachute for crash landings, and a poison dart gun. Okay, so maybe I have the brain capacity of a mega human genius, but who cares? I leapt off the branch and spread my arms wide. Suddenly, as I was flying, the huge barn owl attacked me, knocking me out cold…

Chapter 2


Ugh. Yet another night wasted in the confines of my bed, ergh, nest. Being a nocturnal barn owl, I can’t afford to waste the somewhat-precious 0-24 hours of night. Yes, I know it’s strange for an owl to live in Alaska, where the sun never sets in the summer, and never rises in the winter, but it is my living choice, OKAY? I don’t even bother flying south in the summer, and flying north is a big no-no, unless you’re insane, have a big, puffy feather coat, and hope your nerves aren’t working. Banrow is my name! Well not really. Being owls, we’re never given names at birth, but rather earn them through experience. This was too much work for me, and so I just made up my own name for myself, and everyone I know has been fine with it (even if it is only a dead rat I found in the sewer and a very disgruntled fox who lives in a hole underneath my second home; my tree). My main house is out on the farm near that other farm that has barn next to the silo where I live (a farm? In Alaska? It exists. Stop questioning me). But I spend almost all of my time during the night in a loft owned by some person dude who lives there. Sometimes he forgets to close the door to the apartments completely when he leaves so I swoop in and take advantage of some free food and heat until that (quite evil) Mrs. Swanson chases me out into the cold, bright world. It makes me shudder to even think about it.

CATCH! I swooped down and picked up a rather stupid gliding squirrel. It went limp, and I knew I had easily knocked it out. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Hah, what a stupid squirrel, it literally glided right into my claws.” Suddenly the squirrel woke up, like my voice was a trigger, and started screaming.
“You’ll what?” The squirrel pulled out a very lethal looking dart gun and shot me three times.
“Hah hah, hey stop it, that tickles!” The squirrel stopped shooting immediately.
“Dang it, if you don’t get knocked out by my dart gun, I’ll just have to use this!” He pulled out another very lethal looking weapon. I stared at it.
“Is that…a hand grenade?” I said, quite shocked.
The squirrel yelled,
“Yes it is! I would have used it to help me continue my world domination but I’ll use it to blow you up!!! Bwahahaha!” My already huge eyes grew to the size of car tires in shock.
“Okay, okay! I wont kill you!” My mind was racing; this squirrel is INSANE! The squirrel grinned.
“That’s…. sort of better. Now uhh…can you get me some food? I’m hungry.”

Chapter 3

I looked at the very lofty silo.
“Yes…yes. This is good. I can wire this place up, and then I can plug in all that satellite equipment I’ve been hoarding. We can also get a computer in here too!” Banrow looked at me.
“Are you some sort of super crazy squirrel?”
“No, I’m just a genius. Oh and uh, thanks for not eating me.”
“Right…” I looked at the farmhouse.
“I can steal the power generator from there, and a lot of wiring. I raised my arms and leapt up, the light breeze catching my “wings” and shooting me upwards to the top of the silo. I flew out the small opening and into the sky, where the breeze immediately stopped.
“Uh oh.” I started to plummet, and then I pulled the parachute. I suddenly slowed down, and instead of roughly plummeting like a stone, I fell like, I don’t know, maybe a feather.


Man, this squirrel is freakin’ crazy. He just randomly took off with these wings and nearly killed himself trying to reach the newly named power generator. If he had asked, I could’ve easily told how strong the wind was going to be and how long it last. What’s even more is all this stuff about computers and satellites and generators and wires. I’ve never even seen most of this stuff, and he’s saying that he is a master at controlling them? I’m really starting to regret not killing this rodent-thing, I would’ve gotten some food out of it, and a lot less thinking on my brain. Flying over to his “secret lair.”
I thought to myself, “How could someone not notice this?!” It was HUGE. Not just huge for a squirrel, I swear, an army of… well, anything could fit in this place comfortably. The inside was very flashy, and I nearly had a seizure when I flew in. Then, suddenly, the thought occurred to me,
“How are we going to get this back to the silo?” I asked. The squirrel, apparently named Tam said that he had finished perfecting this robot that could descend and climb ropes. All we had to do was find some steelish-coiled rope, attach it to the barn and the lair, put the robot on, and it would automatically take stuff from the lair and bring it back to the silo. The problem is, before we could do that, we had to construct something in the silo that would hold all this stuff. I had my little perch on the side of the silo, (now long empty of grain, in fact, the whole farm was abandoned) but that couldn’t hold much more than me, Tam, and maybe some tiny wires. It was a perch for one, fortunately, or unfortunately. I was almost happy to receive the next command from Tam; he/she demanded his/her own perch in the silo, as far away from mine as possible, which, unfortunately, couldn’t be very far.


Chapter 5

“HEY BANROW! DO YOU HAVE MY NANO-SENSORS YET?” I yelled out of the hull of the newly broken robot. Banrow’s voice came drifting to me.
“Uhh, is it the one with all the flashy lights?”
I groaned. “Okay, how bout you just hold open this door while I find it?”
Banrow flapped over. “Sure, that sounds fine with me!”
I hopped out and scampered across the floor. Along the way, I picked up my lab goggles, a scrap of paper and a mini blowtorch, and grabbed the nano-sensor. I crawled up the working fan and the opened my arms. The fan air propelled me forward, right into the robot hatch.
“WAHOYA!” I yelled, and tumbled amongst the circuitry of the robot. I picked myself up and dusted off. Suddenly Banrow peeked inside, and made me jump. CLANG! Banrow looked shocked.
“Oof, that must of hurt. Well, anyway, I was going to ask, uh how are we gonna fit all this equipment in the silo?” I rubbed my head and looked at him.
“Uhh, im going to fuse this equipment to the walls, and maybe make some floors with holes in them to get through.” I looked around and found the busted nano-sensor, tore it out and started fusing the new one in its place. Banrow looked doubtful that I could fuse a plasma screen T.V to the concave wall without breaking it, but he didn’t pursue the issue any further. With satisfaction, I crawled out of the panel space and announced to Banrow.
“Okay, the robot is officially done!” Banrow shuffled over.
“Goody, I also found some steel rope!” I looked at him.
“Okay. Lets get started!”

I fused one more satellite to the wall. Looking down at Banrow, I gave him a thumb up.
“Yeah, that’s the last one!” Banrow squawked and looked at the weaponry that I had created.
“You created a squirrel bazooka?” I clambered down and looked at him.
“Yeah. I also created a squirrel flamethrower and a squirrel paratrooper plane. Banrow looked at me.
“Where’s the plane?” I pointed to a tunnel I created, that led right to my hanger.
“Over there. All I need now are some recruits.

Two months later.

I paced back and forth in front of my freshly trained squirrel troopers. Each one was equipped with a gas mask, helmet and squirrel rifle but some had other weapons, except for the pilot. I started making my speech to the troops.
“You have been specially selected, trained and equipped for this mission! Tonight, we will march onto our plane and do a nighttime assault on that city! (We were outside, so I pointed to all the glowing lights.) Our objective is to raid a building there, and take supplies to help our goal! Take the whole building! Remember, some will come in later after coming home from work or strip clubs or midnight jobs. Remember to stay stealthy! If you are in a pinch with humans surrounding you, do not be afraid to run!” I stopped and turned to face them.
“Do you understand me?” All the squirrels roared
“Sir yes sir!”
I smiled.
“Then lets get moving.”

Chapter 6

The engines of the plane were silent, and I peeked outside a window. We were still good and were about to fly over our target point. The red light flickered on. I stood up and yelled.
“Clip on!”, and all the squirrels hooked their safety clips to the bars. The door opened. I hooked my safety clip to the bar and yelled.
“Jump!” one by one, the squirrels leapt out the door. Finally, I leapt. Below me, there were the squirrel parachutes gently hovering to the building. Above me, there was Banrow and the plane, slowly flying away. My parachute snapped open, and I started to steer to the top of the building. Finally, I landed, and with a whoosh, the parachute fell on me. I quickly packed it up and joined my squad who were waiting for me. I took head count.
“Lets see, one, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Aki, were missing one!” The squirrel looked at me.
“No worries sir, I just sent Nov on a scouting mission. See, here he comes now!” And sure enough, she was right. Nov came racing up and started to report.
“Sir! I found a air duct that we could fit through, though it has some very steep parts to it before it reaches an inside room.”
“No worries” I said, “we came prepared.” As I said that I patted my backpack to make sure they were still there and operational, very dangerous if not, and then opened it. Fortunately, none of the sticky pads were broken, however, the launcher appeared to fire off center.
“All in! I go first with the launcher!” I loaded the pads into the launcher. I followed Nov to the entrance, and then took the lead. I fired pads up one after the other in great succession, though some of them were off from where I had wanted them to be, we still would be able to stick our little paws to them and climb up. I had told the pilot to land the plane, and Banrow, at the top of the apartment building so we could trap them up and down to make them surrender and leave. They would work there way down to us, and assist in defending the building, assuming it’s in our hands. This would be key, and if it went wrong, many squirrels would be lost. I did not like the odds of it tonight, it was cold, windy, and the longest clear path on the roof had a crosswind blowing across it. I was confident that they would be able to land, and even if the plane could not, the winged Banrow could. It was about the time when they were supposed to land, I assembled my troops at the top of the duct, near the entrance and listened for any sounds from outside the grate.
“What was that!?”
“Sorry sir, just playing a little prank” Nov said. I told everyone to shut up and listen. Nothing. It was safe. We rushed into the room quite loudly, but no one answered, cowered, or even made noise.
“Nov?” I said. He shook his head. All of us stood still. The Humans had teamed up with the enemy.
“Very smart of them.” I thought to myself. Slowly, the eleven of us worked our way around the house, until; at last we came upon the great beast! And even, more, it was already caged! This new joy made some of the troops cocky, and they started teasing the cat by jumping around the cage, but then retreating just as he stuck his paw through the wires. Suddenly, through his frustration, the cat broke through the wire and began to chase after us! Luckily, because we’re squirrels, we easily dodged and out ran it. We made it into the closet, and after the cat turned his back, we poked the door opened and fired all eleven of our bazookas at once instantly stunning (kinda) the cat. We weren’t quite sure if it was dead, playing dead, or stunned, so we stayed away from it. It was easy collecting the supplies from the house. The person must have been a clean freak, because everything was labeled. If we wanted to find peanut butter for protein, we just looked at the outside of the cabinets to see what was inside (we couldn’t see through walls, we just saw what was inside from the labels on the outside). Suddenly, Aki yelled from a distant room.
“Hey guys, I found a helicopter!” We ran to where she was collecting stuff and saw her staring at an awesome looking Chinook. One of the squirrels, named Maximum (We just called her Max) laughed.
“Alright!” Suddenly, we heard a voice on our COM system.
“Hey guys, do you have all the supplies that you need?” I touched the mini blue-tooth in my ear.
“Yeah, why?”
“Cause we got a human on the rooftop where were parked!” I looked at our team.
“Okay, we got a problem, so pack those supplies! Max, check that map up there, see if you can find a direct route out of here!” The team quickly started to pack up, when the door opened. Nov looked at the door.
“Oh rotten acorns, it’s the human!” All the squirrels pulled out their dart guns. I whispered to them,
“Remember to set the guns to knock-out!” The Human sighed and set his backpack on a large hook next to the door. I signaled for them to load their guns.
“Ready, aim, fire!” Eleven darts (Including mine) flew through the air and hit the human in his leg. He suddenly started to droop, and then started to stumble around the house at high speed. I stared, my eyes bugged out.
“Uhhh, that’s not how I wanted it to go!” suddenly, the human stumbled through the corridor we were in.
“RUN FOR IT!!!!!” Aki started screaming really high pitched
“AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!” we sprinted on all fours. Nov darted up next to me and started to yell.
“WHERE DO WE GO NOW!?” I could barely hear him over the noise of Aki, the cats hissing (Who had finally found us and wasn’t so stunned any more), and the Humans loud stumbling.
“Uhhh, THROUGH THAT WINDOW!!!!” With a spring, I saw the squad leap through the window. Suddenly, I was staring at ground, which was about 23 stories below me. I stared at the ground a little more. Suddenly, like if there was a glass barrier that was stopping us from falling suddenly shattered, all of us plummeted like stones to the ground.


Chapter 7

I’ve been patiently waiting near the window, but to the side so as not to be seen, waiting still for that call on my really small Bluetooth headset, unfortunately they only had squirrel size left. Deciding to go check on them, I moved over to the window, and suddenly, about ten squirrels come flying out the window, screaming for their lives. “Oh God…” I thought to myself, somewhat out loud. I swooped in and landed them on my back, almost half of them went limp, thinking that they were either dead or going to die. I flew them back up to the roof, but then it got even worse. There was a Human on the roof, and he was holding a squirrel that looked pretty beat up. And pretty dead.

I quickly unloaded all of the passengers that were on me (the pretend dead I had to roll off) and shot like an arrow towards the Human. I’m not real sure if I hit him, or if he was flustered from seeing an owl in Alaska, but he dropped the squirrel OVER the edge of the building, definitely not what I had planned. From the roof of the building to the sidewalk was about 30 stories, a fall even a super-squirrel-soldier could not survive. I began to take off towards the squirrel, but the Human swatted at me, thinking I would attack him again, but he ended up preventing me from saving the squirrel. All I could do was look over the edge at the fallen squirrel. Suddenly, the same Chinook helicopter we saw inside the house came flying out the window, and Aki somehow landed inside the cockpit. The only problem was, the colors had been changed, and they were in the colors of the Lazulai, a rival squirrel clan of ours that Tam had told me about before we set off. For Aki, this was worse than dying. The Lazulai were rather…vicious and other things that should not be described. Tam apparently saw them too, because he was signaling for me to come down, and pointing at the Chinook in the distance. I fluttered down and looked at him. It only took one word to describe what had happened. I muttered to him.

Chapter 8

The word struck me like a thunderbolt. The Lazulai! I knew who was missing immediately as I took headcount, and I now knew that Aki was in the hands of one of the most cunning, vicious, and well, indescribable clans on this planet! I signaled to the squad, and we all got in. Banrow shook his wings and started to get ready to fly, and the cockpit door closed. The co-pilot walked out.
“Hey, where’s Aki?” I beckoned him over.
“The Lazulai got her. Didn’t you see that helicopter that flew away?” The squirrel nodded.
“Yeah, I even got a tracker on it.”
“Okay, I want you to follow it! The Lazulai have got Aki hostage on it, and we need to know where they’re going!” The co-pilot shook is head glumly.
“Can’t do that, were almost out of fuel. We only filled the gas tank up with enough for a round trip” I nodded.
“Then I’ll just have to go solo.” I walked out the boarding ramp and jumped onto Banrows back. I yelled to him
“Okay Banrow, follow that helicopter!” With a nod, he leapt up and we flew away towards the helicopter, which I could barely see in the moonlight.

“Hey Tam wake up, we’re there!”
“Huh? Wash wait what?” I woke up and looked at the top of an old bombed out building thing, with the Chinook up top.
“They’re long gone by now.” Banrow muttered. I slid off his back and slowly crept up, and peered inside the Chinook loading bay. Sure enough, there was no one in there, except the pilot, who was drunk on acorn beer. But he was asleep, so he posed no threat. Silently, I peered over at a sack, which suddenly fell over. The pilot snorted and woke up, and staggered into the bay. Surprised, I shot two darts at him, knocking him out cold. I opened the sack and saw Aki, disheveled, gagged, bound, and wounded.

Chapter 9

Aki was in no shape to help us, so we took her with us back to the top of the building, where our new action-base was. Tam had already devised a plan; we were going to come back with troops, set up a secret base, invade as soon as the time was right, and take back the Chinook that was rightfully ours. The plane and us are running out of fuel, so we had to get this electrically powered mobile unit (oh God, I’m even starting to talk like Tam now). We got a bad surprise when we got back. The plane and all the troops were gone. Suspecting the Lazulai were the culprits,
Tam yelled out, “R*tten Fi*h Eg*s”
Then we heard the roar of an engine, and then we saw the plane coming back in to land. Anyone with an IQ higher than ten (not all squirrels can score that high) could have figured out that they landed too late. The front wheel of the plane over hung the edge of the building, slowly teetering. I flew down to where it was and flap-pushed it up back onto the safe land. When all were safely exited, Tam gave the battle plan. He chose the best squirrel-super-soldiers out of them all; Max, Nov, and Quib. That would make five of us and maybe we were a little bit out-numbered, but they did not know we were coming, and besides, we had the super-smart Tam on our side. The flight over there was very painful; Max kept twirling, and occasionally dropping her knife, Tam drew up a blueprint on thin paper on my back, Quib accidentally activated his flame thrower, and Nov tied himself to my wing and hung on to the bottom, pretending he was a flying squirrel like Tam. They did this- Ow! –all the time. So when we got to the base, I decided to watch from the top of the open silo. After getting those dang squirrels off me first, of course.

Chapter 10

The base seemed rather empty without an entire squad here. I looked at Quib, Nov and Max. Max was spinning her knife at a really fast rate. Nov was devising some sort of new shotgun shell, and Quib was polishing his flamethrower. I looked at my crossbow-sniper rifle mix, something that I had devised when I saw it being used in one of the human video games. The crossbow shot super darts and had a high-powered scope. It was all my invention of course. Suddenly, Banrow poked his head inside the base.
“Okay guys, let’s do this!” Max smiled grimly and stabbed her knife into a wall.
“Those stinking Lazulai are gonna pay for hurting my sister!”
We slipped on our night-vision goggles, invisibility suits (I told you I’m a genius!). There were only two flaws in the suit. One; it reflected air, and two; the shield dissipated momentarily when you fired. Kind of like this one game I had played. Max leapt onto the wire box and started to slice through all of them. Suddenly, the door slammed. I looked at her.
“Okay, good move on cutting the electricity, bad move on locking our only way into the building!” Max looked sheepish. I tried to keep my cool, and called over Quib.
“Hey Quib, do you think you can melt a hole in the door? Quib, who’s voice was muffled by the gas mask he was wearing, didn’t speak, just set a C-4 on the door and blew open a small hole. We all grinned and dived through the gap, and immediately tumbled down a REALLY long flight of stairs. Nov fell, and flipped every time he bounced. Max attempted to speak, but all we heard was
“I-OW-did-OW-not-YOOOOWCH! -See *Thump* this coming!” Finally, we burst through a door and ended up in a huge room filled with Lazulai squirrels.


Chapter 10

The base seemed rather empty without an entire squad here. I looked at Quib, Nov and Max. Max was spinning her knife at a really fast rate. Nov was devising some sort of new shotgun shell, and Quib was polishing his flamethrower. I looked at my crossbow-sniper rifle mix, something that I had devised when I saw it being used in one of the human video games. The crossbow shot super darts and had a high-powered scope. It was all my invention of course. Suddenly, Banrow poked his head inside the base.
“Okay guys, let’s do this!” Max smiled grimly and stabbed her knife into a wall.
“Those stinking Lazulai are gonna pay for hurting my sister!”
We slipped on our night-vision goggles, invisibility suits (I told you I’m a genius!). There were only two flaws in the suit. One; it reflected air, and two; the shield dissipated momentarily when you fired. Kind of like this one game I had played. Max leapt onto the wire box and started to slice through all of them. Suddenly, the door slammed. I looked at her.
“Okay, good move on cutting the electricity, bad move on locking our only way into the building!” Max looked sheepish. I tried to keep my cool, and called over Quib.
“Hey Quib, do you think you can melt a hole in the door? Quib, who’s voice was muffled by the gas mask he was wearing, didn’t speak, just set a C-4 on the door and blew open a small hole. We all grinned and dived through the gap, and immediately tumbled down a REALLY long flight of stairs. Nov fell, and flipped every time he bounced. Max attempted to speak, but all we heard was
“I-OW-did-OW-not-YOOOOWCH! -See *Thump* this coming!” Finally, we burst through a door and ended up in a huge room filled with Lazulai squirrels.

Chapter 11

After seeing them off on their way, I decided they wouldn’t need my help, so I flew back to base to get myself patched up, and to get a coffee. When it was almost time that I was supposed to meet up with them at the silo, I left the coffee place with some guy’s coffee and went to pick them up. When I got there I noticed there was nobody in the long cylinder, save for a very small hole in closed. Luckily before I dropped the troops off, I had armed myself with some bigger sized weapons that Tam made for me, so I made a bigger hole in the wall and slowly crawled down the flight of stairs. I head some little squirrel-squeaks and barely turned myself around to see some squirrels running at me, definitely not on our side. They started poking my butt with squirrel-spears, (though it still hurt) until we were at the bottom of the stairs in a large room, where I noticed our squirrel troops fighting; at least a hundred troops of the Lazulai. We were actually ‘winning’ despite the vast outnumbering. Unfortunately, our troops were running out of shells, and some of the squirrels had partly ripped off some of my bandages. I just realized that they’re trying to separate me from the rest of our force! There were a large number more coming from my right side than my left, and I was slowly moving away from the rest of us. Just then a scream was heard. Almost from a higher being. Suddenly all the Lazulai stopped fighting, so we picked them off, but eventually, we realized that there was someone descending the edge of the silo. It looked like a… like… a… like… a… Guinea Pig! Luckily for us, this one was a loner. There aren’t many wild guinea pigs left in the world, and very few ever join forces with squirrels, but they are definitely the Warlocks of squirrel-sized combat. Of course! The only one here for thousands of miles is on the other side of the battle. Quickly, all of our troops started shooting at it, trying to kill it before it reached the battle; this was a stupid move because, as soon as they turned their backs, the Lazulai swarmed them from behind.

Chapter 12

I looked in shock.
“GUINEA PIG!!!!” Nov yelled, and we all started screaming. Immediately we started to fire at it. A guinea pig could easily tear us apart, and that was our main threat. Unfortunately, the Lazulai swarmed us from behind. Soon, we were surrounded but, with Quib and Max. Max was using her machete like knife to push back the Lazulai, wounding anyone that got too close. I started tying a piece of rope onto a grappling bolt (yes I mean bolt, not dart), and then tied it around my teammates waists.
“And up we go!” I yelled, and shot the dart. It got stuck in a rafter, and we shot up, all of us yelling. We fell down onto a small balcony, with the Lazulai far below.
“Auuugh…” moaned Max. She had slashed herself on accident when we launched forward. I looked around. Everybody else looked tired and surprised, but all still alive.
“Okay guys, stay there, im going to get a better sniping position!” I leapt and glided to a higher balcony, where I could see everybody below. I tried to get a good spot to hide but still snipe, but the rocks got in the way.
“Wait a minute…” I muttered “Rocks?” An idea suddenly came to mind. With a not so effortless push, the rocks tumbled and fell, causing havoc on the Lazulai. Suddenly, the guinea pig dive-tackled me, and we flew off the ledge into open space.
“AAAAHHH!” We fell like the stones I had just shoved, and I was getting the worst of this mid-air battle. Fist after fist after fist after fist pummeled me in all parts of the body, and I realized that this guinea pig had no idea that it was going to die. Suddenly Banrow swooped down and picked us up, and dropped us in the center of the Lazulai. I lay on the ground, moaning.
“Oww…” Suddenly, the guinea pig spoke.
“Man, you are one tough squirrel!” I looked up, barely seeing the guinea pig through two black eyes. He started to speak again, but this time, he addressed the Lazulai.
“Squirrels, you shall not hurt this one, or any of his comrades! Including the Owl!” Banrow looked slightly offended that he had been addressed as ‘The Owl.’

Chapter 13

“OH MY GOD!!!” I can’t believe that stupid guinea pig called me ‘The Owl’! I can’t believe he doesn’t just say my name! Oh right, he doesn’t know it. Silly me. Still, I mean, he could of at least done it in a nicer way, meh, I can’t let that get in the way of peace and alliance talks. Tam decided to be the spokesperson. Well, I guess he didn’t have much of a choice because after all, the squad was still attempting to climb down the rafters. Tam pulled out some paper and a pencil and started to write down the terms of peace. Once he was done, I snuck a peek at it. It was something like this.

§ All squirrel vehicles; bases and weapons shall be shared equally between the two clans.
§ There shall be no warring or taking of prisoners among the clans
§ All plans, blueprints, and taken equipment shall be split evenly among the clan
§ When one clan is in need, the other clan must come and help.
§ Joint control of the world, once domination occurs
§ Each group must meet AT LEAST three times a month.

Signed: Tam, leader of the Narrilo clan and Rising Sun elite battle squad, Avill, leader of the Lazulai clan and member of the S.G.P.O (Secret Guinea Pig Order)
Tam read through the document one more time, and then they made a copy. The squirrel team finally got down, with Max still clutching her side. “Can someone patch me up? I’m bleeding nonstop here! A Lazulai ran up with a pack of dressings and started to wrap them around and around until the wound was properly bandaged. Max grinned and gave the Lazulai a quick tap with her fist, a sign of thanks and happiness among squirrels. (Tam told me.) I fluttered my wings and took off.

Nov and I helped Max up, and helped her get back up the stairs. Finally we reached the Chinook, which was starting up. As we climbed in, I noticed Aki sitting on a chair next to me, all buckled up. I was about to take a spot between Quib and Nov, but a squirrel called me over.
“Uhh, Tam sir, can you man the turret?” I looked and saw a newly added chain gun on the helicopter. I yelled over the noise.
“Yeah sure!” The squirrel gave me a thanks nod and gave me a pilot helmet. I shoved it on and noticed that everything was in heat vision. I was glad; because it was so foggy that night vision would do nothing. I slumped into the gunners seat, buckled up and then grabbed the turret handle. Finally, the Chinook lifted off the ground, and we were immediately up in the air. The co-pilot slid out of the cockpit and shook my shoulder.
“Where do we go?” I gave him directions, and he walked back into the cockpit. About thirty minutes later, I suddenly noticed a group of heat coming close to us. With a horrified realization I yelled as loud as I could.
“SPARROW HAWKS!” (Sparrows, Hawks, Owls, and basically any other bird are squirrels’ worst nightmare, except for Banrow. Sparrow Hawks are sparrows, but trained to defend the nest with their lives). I started up my chain gun and let loose a spiral of golden lumps of death. The mini bullets did nothing however, and the pilot yelled.
“They got our rotors! We’re going down!!!” The Chinook spun around in a crazy death spiral really fast, and the trees below came up closer. Most of the squirrels sitting down got up and were able to parachute out of the opening bay doors, but when I tried to unbuckle my safety belt, it was jammed! I closed my eyes and waited for the end.


Chapter 14

I lay down on the white snow, unable to get up. It slowly grew red from my blood, spreading out like a paint splatter. Behind me were the remains of the crashed Chinook. With amazing will power, I was finally able to push myself up and prop myself against a tree. Being the turret man on the side of the helicopter or plane meant that when you crashed, you literally got crushed from the weight of what ever crashed. I managed to barely escape from the turret before impact, but still sustained massive injuries from the rotor blades and pieces of metal. Because I was pretty much M.I.A none of their supplies could help me. The main rule for lost squirrels is to stay put, but if I didn’t get attention soon, I was going to die. Using my natural ability to dig, I made my own tunnel under the fourteen inches of snow and ice, and waited until I felt footsteps above me. I slowly dug up at an incline, my paws freezing and popped out of the snow like a whack-a-mole, scaring everyone there half to death. I chattered.
“Guys…I’m bleeding…can’t stay awake much longer….” They couldn’t use any of the bandages with them in that situation, so they carried me to the Chinook as fast as possible and taped me up. In the smoking wreck of the helicopter, I saw that the chain gun had not been damaged! Once I felt better, I quickly unscrewed it with my knife; I also unscrewed the box of ammunition from the floor and showed it to the Lazulai and Narillo who had came as a search party. It was very important to bring along, something like that could take up to a month to build, which was much too long for a speedy domination of the world. After a couple hours, we finally reached the base, where the other survivors were in the hospital wing of the Narillo silo. Before the search party sent me to the medical wing, one of the hundreds of Narillo squirrels that had come from the pine tree home walked over.
“Sir, good news! When we raided the apartment, we not only found fuel for our plane, we found two 60 yard rolls of duct tape!” I gasped with shock. You’re probably thinking
“Yeah, right, big whoop. You can go get duct tape from the store for $3 whenever you want.” Well with squirrels, we are not particularly welcome in stores, even when we find a $20 bill in the street. So, getting two rolls of duct tape meant… well anything of importance. Finally, I was laid on a stretcher in the medical bay. Suddenly, Nov came up. “Hey sir, I know that you’re supposed to be resting but…” I stopped him.
“What is it?”
“Uh, your crossbow…it kinda broke when we crashed” I gasped.
“Awww, come on!” Nov held up the small bits of metal, and then left hurriedly.


I was in the weapons room when a Rising Sun soldier, who I remembered was named Rusvul. I bent back down over the sniper rifle I was working on and ignored him, for the moment.
“Uh, sir, what are you doing?” I looked up.
“Making a machine-gun sniper rifle.” I took a long magazine (bullet holder) and fixed it up a little bit, and then jammed it into the magazine holder. It fit perfectly. I leapt up into the air with joy and picked it up.
“Finally! After two hours of working on this, I am done!” Rusvul looked at it and then looked at me quizzically. “How can it be a sniper rifle if it doesn’t have a scope?” I pressed a button.
“Like this!” and the scope rose out of the gun. I decided to take the regular squad with me on an invasion trip, since it was the day after the day I was rescued from the crash zone. Much to my annoyance however, only Max and Aki had recovered from the crash, and it turned out that while the rest of the squad were escorting the Narillo and training them, most of them got wounded. Soooo, I would have to pick out some Lazulai too. When I finally figured out whom I was going to take, it was Max, Aki, some squirrel named Jang (He was the one who had patched up Max) and another Lazulai named Rakkety. (Most squirrels just called him Rakk). While we were on the plane, I realized that Max and Jang were, unfortunately, extremely in love. Great, just what I needed.

Chapter 15

Mark was a very ordinary human. He went to work everyday, relaxed in his apartment, and did a whole bunch of other stuff humans did. He also had a very annoying squirrel problem. It seemed like moving to Alaska was the best way to rid himself of squirrels altogether, but it now was obvious that they were here too, and were actually pretty smart and tactical. He almost felt sad when he dropped that squirrel off the ledge to his obvious doom, but he thought he was doing them all a favor by thinning the squirrel herd/clan etc. He wasn’t quite sure why there was a guinea pig with the second (or the first coming back) group of squirrels. First of all, there really shouldn’t be any squirrels or guinea pigs in Alaska; there is no freaking way any of them could survive by themselves, especially during the winter. But somehow, there they were, invading his house, almost killing his cat, and taking the RC Chinook that he bought for his cousins brothers wife’s sisters youngest son, then jumping out the window, and surely falling to their deaths. Then back on the rooftop, there was an owl that flew at him, and knocked the squirrel out of his hand, sending it flying over the edge, and when he looked back at the rooftop, there was a whole army of squirrels looking at him in horror. It seemed that just by getting a squirrel knocked out of his hand by some crazed owl (who he was assuming was on their side) and having it fall off the building just made him thousands of more rodent and bird enemies. Suddenly, he saw a dark movement in the corner of his apartment. With an angered yell, he grabbed a baseball bat and started to whack away at the thing. It was a squirrel, but it was uninjured (Mark had amazingly bad aim). The squirrel darted away, and a small squad of squirrels soon surrounded Mark. They all started chattering, and then one pulled out a piece of paper. It said
“Hello mark. We have been watching you. You may not know it, but we squirrels are geniuses. We know how you feel, about your annoying bosses. Would you like to get back at them?” Dumbfounded, Mark nodded yes. The squirrel smiled and flipped the paper. It read,

“I thought you would say yes. You have to listen to me though. We want revenge on the humans too. They send dogs and kill hundreds of our squirrel clans each month, and they seem to have all the power. We chose you because you are also the underdog in this situation. You have powers that we can never have. Why? Because you are a human, not a squirrel, or even an owl, or even a guinea pig! You can blend in with the environment so much better then we can. Just follow our orders…”


Chapter 16

Getting Mark to join us was a major benefit! He hauled as much stuff in one trip as 15 squirrels do in three trips! I had implanted a chip in his nervous system that translated the squirrel language into human language, so he could understand us. The only problem was we had to fly all the way over to his apartment to get help from him. So, we didn’t try to rely on him too much. Suddenly, while I was devising an ultimate explosive devise, Jang skipped in (is that even possible?) the room singing. He was distracting my work, so I sucker punched him in the stomach. Jang doubled over groaning, and I sucker punched him twice more. He staggered out of the room groaning, and I was able to continue my work. Suddenly, Quib came in. I looked back and saw him not wearing a mask. Quite a rare sight, I must say. “Yes Quib, what do you want?” “Mark helped us find blueprints to a hardware store!” I immediately dropped the blowtorch I was holding and gasped.
“Wh-Wha-What?” Quib giggled in delight.
“They have 50 different types of duct tape, huge sheets of wood, metal, saws, and a whole bunch of other things!” I started dancing around in glee. I leapt from the room and started loading up. Quib looked at me quizzically.
“Uhh, sir?” I glanced at him, but didn’t really notice the look of surprise on his face.
“Pack light. Get the Chinook loaded; I want good, strong squirrels! Equip light weapons, and put on your stealth gear!” Quib nodded and ran out of the room.

I manned the scanner of the repaired Chinook. With a small silent whoosh, the blades started. Avill would have joined us, but he could not fit inside the Chinook with all the squirrels in there too. He was more of a fighter. The Chinook finally took off, and we flew into the dark. You may wonder when did the Chinook get a scanner? (What ever a scanner even is.) Well, we actually transformed the Chinook into a stealth vehicle. The scanner replaced the turret, and it was heat vision. It could see at a range of 500 feet before things started to get blurry and unfocused. The Chinook was painted dark black, and we had equipped it with a stealth suit. It was the best stealth vehicle ever! When we finally got to the roof, everyone had equipped stealth suits (You sure do like saying stealth! Shut up.) And were all carrying handguns. The loading bay lowered, and one by one, we filed out in deadly silence. Suddenly, Quib pointed at a locked trapdoor.
“Guess we found our way in. But it’s locked!” I smiled and patted his back. “Don’t worry Quib, I always come prepared!”
I pulled out a laser knife (yes a laser knife. Like in Star Wars. It took me forever to make it, but I did.) The shining green blade slowly cut the lock in half, and the pieces jingled on the floor. With a group effort, we lifted the trap door, and started to scamper down the wall. (Hey, we are squirrels remember?) I spread my arms out, and leapt, slowly gliding in the stuffy air. I landed two centimeters away from a deadly looking buzz saw, but I also saw two pieces of neatly cut wood. Quib materialized next to me.
“Phew sir, that was close! A centimeter closer and you would have been squirrel anatomy!” I picked myself up and looked at him.
“Yeah, you’re right. I am definitely not going to attempt to glide with out any wind.” Suddenly, we heard a voice over the intercom. (Not the building one. The one in our headsets)
“Uh, guys a little heads up. I’ve been scanning the building, and we have four human guards in a certain room. It looks like their sleeping; so just don’t make too much noise. I also found a large group of squirrels hidden in the walls, and they don’t look too friendly. So be on guard!” I pressed my headset and responded.
“Thanks for the information Aki.” I suddenly saw a group of squirrels carrying a large plank of wood, and they did not look friendly. “Heads up Quib. Seems like we found our squirrels!” Quib drew his pistol and got into battle stance. “Should we attack sir?” I quickly calculated the odds of survival. With just us two, it didn’t look too good. “No. But I still want to track them. See where they are going. I am going to create a diversion to expose those squirrels hiding place. Quib turned on his suit and started to follow them, and I turned my goggles onto heat vision.
“This is going to be good…”

“Are we there yet already?” Nov yelled. We had hijacked a remote control car and were driving it to the guard’s room. We finally reached it, and I hopped through the open door. “Are they sleeping?” Nov asked.
“Yeah. Now all we have to do is set up a scene for later purposes. Do you have the cigarettes?
“Yeah. I also have the lighter, and the alcohol.” I giggled mischievously. I picked up the beer cans and started pouring them into each of the guard’s mouth, making them drunk. I also didn’t do it neatly. We carefully laid the empty cans all over the room. Then we burnt the cigarettes until they were stubs, and littered them all over the place. Finally, with our last cigarette we used a match on the ground and lit it. Then, we dropped the cigarette on the ground and ran, because while it was lit, and a fire slowly started.
“Okay, lets get out of here!” We ran until we reached the Chinook, where the supplies were waiting with the squirrels. Aki walked up and grinned. “I assume you broke every single one of those rules that we found.” I looked sheepish.

“No, we only broke the rules about no smoking, no drinking, and no fires inside the building. You know, the ones that can get you sued for like, a month each.”
“What about the hostile squirrels?”
“Oh, they’re completely oblivious to the fact that their fortress is going to be burned to the ground.”
“Okay…do you know how creepy you can be sometimes?”
“Yeah. I know.”

Chapter 17

I decided to take one of my contracted three-breaks-a-year and I went back to visit my cousins back at the barn, and, of course, my mother. She may be my mother, but I dearly, dearly hate her. There of course were many discussions about my name, being “uncalled for”. We all got drunk on maple syrup and began our own little fights, the champion to get another maple syrup jug. Owl Easter is tomorrow, and today, I was setting up the fake squirrels for the hunt (it’s like an Easter egg hunt) then I had the job of writing down the positions, and then setting it up again tomorrow, and hoping no-one sees where they are.

Today is the squirrel-hunt. Once everyone woke up, I had to corral them into a glob, so no-one got a head start. It is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you’ve been up since 4:00 in the morning setting up fake dead-looking squirrels. Only the children of the barn could participate, and the parents were only allowed to give encouragement. Hoot, Toot, Moot, Barney, Loot, and Coot were at the starting line, and took off as soon as I said “two”. Barney and Coot were the favorites, and sure enough, at half time they were both tied for the lead at 6 squirrels each, Hoot had 3, Toot had 1, Moot had 2, and Loot had 1. Coot said he had almost caught a live squirrel, but we knew he was just trying to intimidate the rest of the Owlets with his MAD SKILLZ. The second fifteen minute half of the Easter egg hunt had begun. I immediately saw a little squirrel body flicker on the beam. Being allies with a squirrel group, I did not point him out to the owls right away, fearing he might be one of them. Suddenly I heard a squawk from up on the rafters of the barn; this could only be the squeal of an owl finding the golden squirrel, or an owl in horrible, horrible pain. Figuring that it was only the golden squirrel, I went back to chatting with the parents, and making sure that they did not cheat. After almost five minutes of just sitting on the wood-carved sitting pole, I instantly realized that I didn’t hide any squirrels on the rafters because the parents agreed that that was too high for the owlets to fly. Suddenly, I saw a very small thing flying down from the rafters. It wasn’t an owl, but it could fly, or at least glide.
“CHITTER!” I gasped. It sounded exactly like Tam. Except that I knew Tam was back at the Lazurillo base (Lazulai and Narillo) staying low until I came back.


Chapter 18
Why in the world did this Renegade have to live in an OWL barn? I crawled through the rafters nervously. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you what happened. We had reached the base and realized that we needed a good fighter, buuuttt, there was a note on the door from Banrow telling me to stay put. I decided on calling one of my best friends anyway, a renegade squirrel called Alec. So I went to his living area, which was this barn. Well, back to the story. I could see the entrance to Alec’s lair just ahead, but I also heard a screech. It translated “Easter time guys! We will continue this chat later!” MY eyes bulged with fear, and I suddenly saw dead squirrels everywhere “Oh crap Oh crap Oh crap!” I chattered rapidly. Suddenly, an owl that had been grabbing up all these pieces of dead prey headed toward me, and then grabbed me too. Probably an extra treat for him! I squeaked and struggled; attempting to yank out my pistol and shoot the owl, but it was no good. Suddenly, Alec popped out of his hole with a metal fist thingy and punched the owl in the face. There was a deafening squawk, and I was suddenly let go. I spread my arms and legs t try and slow my decent, while I saw the owls below grabbing as many squirrels as they could handle. Suddenly one pointed at me, and they all flew up like hungry squirrel babes trying to reach an acorn. I pulled out my hunting knife and got ready for the wave of feathers. Suddenly, I heard a shriek from below.
“STOP! HE’S MY FRIEND! All the owls stopped, and Alec reached over, grabbed me, and dragged me to his lair. I lay there panting, and then Alec came in with a wicked looking knife.
“Looks like you were in a fix. Whatcha doing- SQUAWK,” Alec roared.
“I DON’T THINK SO YOU OWLS! YOU’RE GOING DOWN!” He stomped out of the room and for and for a few seconds all I could hear were squawks of indigence, pain, and humiliation. I also heard lots of slashing, and whump that sounded like a wooden beam falling. Curious, I walked outside to see what was happening. It was amazing; Alec was furiously attacking a group of adult owls that had attempted to scratch through his tunnel.
“STAY! AWAY!” He yelled. He ran back as the owls flew forwards, and then he pulled out a mortar launcher.
“Take that! And that!” The owls decided that Alec was not worth the trouble, so they flew back down to the ground. Alec looked at me and grinned.
“Sorry bout that pal! So, I see that you invented a stealth suit!” I nodded and pulled out an extra laser knife, something I had created for him.
“Also got this. Thought you might need it to fight owls!”
Alec grinned wickedly and started chuckling. “Ooh, that’s cool!” He took the knife and slashed through a piece of wood, and then he stuck it into a wall, and then pulled it out. “This is good!” He turned off the knife and stuck it into his belt, which also held a gun, gun rounds, a hunting knife, a grappling hook and a couple squirrel-sized grenades. His body was covered in peck scars, and there was a long, jagged scar passing through his eye, where he wore an eye patch. “What do you say we go down and give them owls a little part-ay?” Alec said.
I motion weakly to my belt, which only contained a knife, pistol and a couple rounds. “With this equipment? “ Alec laughed and slapped his thigh. “Of course, you came light!” He darted into his room and brought out lots of ammo and a few grenades. “You ready now?” I grinned, slipped the equipment into my belt and nodded. In my mind, I wondered who screeched, but I left it for later. We rappelled down the ropes and then snuck around the owls. I wore my stealth suit, so it was considerably easier, but Alec had to dodge and duck. I suddenly saw Banrow nervously squawking to his friends, who looked real angry. I pressed my com-link and contacted Alec, who was on the other side of me.
“What ever you do, don’t attack that barn owl!”
“What, you mean the one that all the other owls are facing?”
“Okay, I’ll try…”
“Alec, I mean it!”
“Okay, okay I wont attack the barn owl. Are you happy now?”
Alec looked disgruntled, but he didn’t attack Banrow. We dived in with a roar, and the owls immediately started squawking and flapping their wings. Banrow didn’t seem too freaked, but I could be wrong. So we stabbed and shot the owls, but it didn’t do too much good. In fact, the most we did was freak out the owls, and then we had to run before they ate us. All good fun! Finally, when we were outside, Alec decided to ask me what I was doing here.
“I came to see if you could uh, help me with something.”
“Stop beating around the acorn Tam, and tell me already!”
“I’m not sure your going to like this proposal”
“I don’t care. Something must have drove you here to bring me to my lair!”
“Okay. I am organizing a squirrel army to take over the world.”
“Huh. And I thought I was insane!”
“It’s true! I’ve allied with the Lazulai, we have a huge base, vehicles, weapons, explosives!”
Alec grinned, showing deadly sharp teeth. “Okay. If you really want me to do this, I will. But you know, squirrels can’t do much against a town of humans.” I sighed and nodded. “I know. That’s why I’ve sent out messengers to ally with owls, hawks, foxes and wolves. You may think I’m crazy, but we have trained a lot of them. But this is a secret from the rest of the army. If they find out that predators are on their side, they could freak! The predators have seen what we can do, so they won’t attack us, but I can’t really say the same for the squirrels. So uh, don’t tell anybody” Alec’s one eye widened. “Okay…Can I see this predator army of yours?” I sighed. “Okay, but lets go get Banrow first.”

Chapter 19

I saw two squirrels working their way down the one of the wooden support beam. Strangely, when I shot a quick glance over in their direction, all the other owls that were around him turned around and went after them. I instantly realized those two to be Alec, the renegade squirrel Tam was after, and Tam, flickering in and out of sight. This time it was going to be bad. I had only made the owls a little annoyed at me, but there was no way I was going to stop them from killing Alec and Tam this time. I heard some chittering outside the barn.
“Just like Tam to bring re-enforcements” I thought to myself.
Suddenly, Tam appeared and blew on a whistle. Nothing happened. He blew again. Nothing happened. He repeated this several more times, somehow, this stopped the owls from attacking, him, mainly because they wondered what he was doing. Suddenly, the doors to the barn flew opened and a huge army of foxes, chittering loudly (foxes chitter?) came rushing in and stopped. The owls all turned and looked in awe, like they had never seen a fox before in their life. Looking at the faces of the foxes, it looked like it would also be their last. I collected up all the baby owls, and flew them up to the top, where we would watch the battle that ensued. Instantly, Alec and Tam used the distraction of the foxes to jump down and slice through two owls each with their laser knives. Tam jumped off the owl and swooped over to the fox army, and landed with Alec right behind his tail. “Chiitteerrrrrrr!!” (Charrgggeeee!!! in Squirrel) the foxes rushed through the barn and instantly drove the owls to flight. The babies I had with me seemed to be enjoying this. About half of the foxes had climbed up the posts and positioned themselves around the perimeter of the roof. At random times, they would jump off and try to swivel their bodies in the air to take down some of the owls. I thought it was pretty gruesome myself, but it was quite entertaining for all of the babies. There were over fifteen dead owls scattered around the barn. Doing some quick thinking, I said to the babies,
“I see you hate your parents. Do you want to join ou-”?
“YES!” They all replied in total unison.
I yelled down to Tam, who was already starting up the Chinooks
“What should we do with the baby owls?”
“Did you get them to join?”
“Then put them in Chinook number four”
“I don’t think that they’ll all fit”
“Then take a page from the FAIL Blog and pack them in,”
Tam said,
“They’re young and flexible. It’ll be easy!”
Of course, the problem soon arose of actually getting them to agree to pack them in. Finally, Tam gave them all some “candy” and they were soon off on an adventure in dreamland.


Chapter 20
Okay, if I have to say anything, it’s this. Max’s sleeping pills work like a charm! We were able to shove them all into Chinook 4, and then I was off in Chinook number 1. Where did we get all those Chinooks? No clue! The lazulai just kind of…had them. And also Chinook 1 was not the stealth modded one, which was Chinook number 42. Well, back to the story. I got into one of the passenger seats (The turret was already taken) and smiled. My faithful squad were all there, having all been rested and healed. Everybody was impatient to take off, so we flew away as fast as possible.
About ten minutes later, the gunman saw no threat in the vicinity, so he disarmed the turret and turned his seat to us. Like a parakeet to a disturbing noise, we all swung our heads and focused on him. The motion startled him, and we immediately apologized. The gunman finally introduced himself as Ben, and it turned out he was from our clan.
“So Ben, when did you join?”
“A little later than everybody else. I was one of the guys who were reluctant about fighting.”
“I see. So uh, what convinced you to join?”
Ben was about to respond, when the pilot suddenly yelled. Confused, Ben looked outside. I yelled at him,
“What’s going on?”
A tremor ran through his body, and then I got up and looked.
“Oh crap…”
The entire base was being attacked, and we could hear gunfire and explosions. Someone was assaulting our base. I walked into the pilot room and looked at him. All the pilots were radioing in on our Chinook, and I listened to the reports.
“This is Chinook 5 to Chinook 1. Do you have a visual on the landing zone? Can we land?”
The pilot reached for the mike to respond.
“Negative Chinook 5. Its too dangerous to land!”
“This is Chinook 4. What’s going on? Those owls finally woke up, and they’re creating a huge ruckus; I can’t hear outside!”
“This is Chinook 2 to Chinook 4. Chinook 1 has visual of the base, and reports that it is currently under fire.”
Finally, the pilot of our Chinook took the initiative.
“This is Chinook 1 to all Chinooks. Tell your men to equip parachutes and open the doors. They should drop in on the base. As for Chinook 4, let those baby owls wreak some havoc on our attackers!”
“Copy that!”
I walked out and told the squirrels our game plan. All of them grim, they equipped their parachutes and loaded their guns. We heard the pilot’s voice over the intercom, and the bay door opened. One by one, the squirrels jumped out and yanked the parachute strings, creating a small dark void. I jumped last, and then pulled out some binoculars. On my Bluetooth, I called my team.
“Okay, see that hole in the silo? Try to land next to it. I’ll give you further orders from there.”
I landed first out of the squad, and then we rappelled down quickly. When we reached the floor, squirrels everywhere were fighting. We yanked out our weapons and started to help out our side, but it was looking pretty hopeless. Nov reached my side and yelled.
“The infirmary! There’s the back door we created, it’s probably the only way to get these guys out of here!” I nodded and started to contact all the troops. Pretty soon we were doing a full retreat out of the silo and into the cold snowy terrain. The other squads had landed, and the baby owls were causing havoc, just like they were told. I grinned and started to fight back. Things were starting to look up! The soldiers cheered at the sight of the owls, and started fighting again, their courage renewed. Suddenly, something landed on the ground a couple yards in front of me. And then it exploded.

Chapter 21
WE… SNAW………… WE… SNAW………… WE… SNAW…………
“Where am I?” I murmured. Oh right! In the apartment! Yes, that’s right, I managed to stay in an apartment for the whole night! That guy Mark apparently left off to a mental home, because he said squirrels were “talking” to him, even though it was completely true. Tam said that after his squad got home, we would break him out. Seeing as I had nothing to do at the moment, I decided to go give at least a try at getting him out. I followed the address on my wing to the Shady Oaks Home For The Mentally Ill. It seemed like quite a long name to remember for something that makes people forget their problems. Mark said he was in Row S, Booth 7, Room 42 A. We knew this from a desperate paper airplane communication attempt that he threw out the window of his first-floor balcony. What did I think of this frantic communication? MAJOR FAIL. I flew over to the ledge where he was, and saw the squirrels there. Well, I guess that they had gotten home and back already. They sliced through the window and made a medium sized hole. Then they knocked out the nurse who was “tending” to mark. I squeezed in through the hole (It was freaking tiny) and shot out, barely missing the wall. Mark grinned and stroked Tam on the head (he never strokes me on the head, that jerk.) Tam gave the breakout plan very soon afterward, none of which I could understand, mainly because he used the big words he knew from all his book learning. At the end, when he asked, “Does everyone understand?” I of course said, “No”, and he got really mad at me, threw one of Mark’s pencils, pinned it against the wall, and then chewed through it in anger. Calmed down, he said just to “follow me” and he ran out the door, twenty other squirrels, Mark, and I trailing him. Tam made sure to lock the door before he closed it, so it “would be a long time” before they noticed he was missing. Mark said to Tam when they were in the hallway,
“Tam, do you mind helping break out some of my friends that I made here?” Tam replied a quick
“No”, and kept running down the hall towards the exit. Right before the door that led into the lobby, he gave us another plan.
“The squirrel squad will run under the secretary’s desk and distract her from her door duties, Mark will crawl on the floor to the door, and Banrow will fly up and trigger the door sensor when Mark is in the perfect position to run. This is key, because the door dings when it opens, alerting the secretary” At least this time I knew what I was supposed to do , and as a bonus, it was pretty easy. Just wait, fly, and open the door; it couldn’t be any simpler. We opened the door to the lobby slowly, so it wouldn’t creak or screech, and the squirrel squad, including Tam, shot into the secretary area, crawled under her swivel chair and started spinning it around while Mark crept towards the door. I rode on Mark’s back while he was crawling, and tried not to dig in my claws too much. Mark had to pinch me when we got to the part when I had to open the door, mainly because I was busy being entertained from what the squirrels were doing to that poor, poor secretary. Mark got on his knees as I flew up to the sensor and opened the door, making the *ding*. The squirrels left the secretary spinning as they ran to the door. Then, disaster struck. The secretary fell out of the spinning chair, and landed on the squad, taking out less than half of them, but still a lot. Mark and I were already out the door when what was left of the squad had pulled the fallen employee off of them. They scurried towards the door, but it closed before they got there. Seeing as this was a minor setback, it told Mark to run, while I flew up to the sensor and opened the door for them. As I was flying up, I saw something noticeably different about the sensor; it was clawed to shreds. Now nineteen of our best fighters were trapped inside a mental home, and the co-leader of our entire army. The only thing I could think was “This is bad.”


Chapter 22
Okay, to make a long story short, the bomb blew up, Jang and Ben died, and we went to rescue Mark. Now we were stuck in the chamber because something destroyed the sensor. Aki, Rapture (Squirrel from our squad) and Max got hit by that secretary person, but they were all okay. Banrow attempted to ram the door, but with no use. Suddenly, I thought of something. “Banrow, move. I have an idea!” He fluttered backwards. I pulled out my super explosive I had made from before, and stuck it do the door. The bomb detonated, and Quib looked at it.
“Uh, Tam? Nothing happened…”
“Just wait…”
Right then the glass shattered, and we were left with a gaping wide escape hole. In no time at all, we escaped.
About five minutes later, we got back into the Chinook that had taken us here, and we flew back to the base. Finally, we reached the silo. It was looking pretty good, compared to what it looked like after the bomb. Banrow noticed some remaining fires being doused and called me on his blue tooth.
“Hey, what’s going on with the silo?”
“Some squirrels attacked it, and then set off a bomb.”
“Okay…how many are dead?”
“Not that many. But it still caused a lot of damage.”
Finally, the Chinook hit the ground, and we walked out. Immediately the squad rushed out and started to help the builders. Nov, Rapture and I, went to the infirmary to help, since we were all trained in the medical arts.
The owls flew around with supplies, and in about an hour, the silo was as good as new. Most of the tech in the silo was undamaged, except for the odd sound system. Our technicians immediately fixed these, and then we went to the information center. Down there, some squirrels were trying to figure out what clan attacked us. When we entered the room, the noise level was almost unbearable. Finally, we reached a random information-gatherer, and extracted info from him. Apparently, a rogue branch of the Lazulai had attacked us. I growled with anger. The leader’s name was Rage, and we had to take him down. I decided that some of the squad wasn’t coming. This matter was getting personal.
Our plane flew through the air at a really fast speed. I chose a special few for this mission, who were Alec, Rapture and Max, all trained killers. The pilot was the best, pretty much everything about this trip had to be the best possible. Suddenly, the pilot flicked on the radar jammer, and we heard a constant ‘fizz’. I looked at everybody’s weapons one more time. Alec was using two silenced Uzi’s, Max was using her trademark knife and a killer dart gun, and Rapture had a MP-7. As for myself, I was wielding my rapid-fire sniper rifle. Finally, the plane landed and the bay door opened. We crept out and looked around. Our target was exactly 530 meters in front of us. Unfortunately, there were a whole bunch of guards, yet much less than we expected, some of them were sleeping. We started creeping forward. This was revenge!
30 minutes later.
The door was in front of us. Behind us was the nearly invisible trail of carnage we had left behind while fighting through the guards. Two guards stood in front of the door, both heavily armed. Max pulled out her dart gun and fired twice. Two shadowy darts flew through the air and hit their targets. The guards crumpled to the ground, and then we approached the door. It took me about 4.02 seconds to pick the lock, and then we broke in. Rage freaked out and grabbed his gun, and then started to fire at us. Alec tilted his Uzi’s and fired, sending one guard out the window. Rapture took out the other guard, and I aimed my sniper right at Rage. I had loaded it with a knock out dart earlier, and when I fired it hit Rage right in the shoulder. He looked down at it, staggered towards me, and the collapsed. The dart had done its job. Rapture grinned and swung his tail and I stretched my limbs. The plane hovered in front of the window, and I dived out, letting the wind fan my arms and legs. Slowly, I glided forward and landed in the bay. Alec followed me, and Rapture and Max came out last, bearing Rage’s tied up body. We shoved him in a sack and tossed him in a corner. Finally, we started to fly home.

Chapter 23

As I was flying back to our base, I saw a smaller base-like structure on the ground below me. It looked quite like the forces had been expanding, seeing as this was very close to our base, well, at least it did from the air. I flew down and landed in the tall, thick grass, and soon could not see the larger base. “They must be trying to keep this secret,” I thought to myself. As I got closer to where I thought the base was, the grass got thicker and thicker, and soon it began to scrape against my feathers. It was quite difficult to move, because the grass had small grabbers that stabbed me whenever I rubbed it the wrong way. I started to see little holes in the ground, like tunnels, and I followed them, assuming they’d lead to the base. When I got to a clearing, where I saw the base again, there were many squirrels, heavily armed standing in front of the door to the building. I started to flap over to the door, skimming the ground, suddenly; the guards flicked their guns over their shoulder and began to shoot exploding pellets at me. I easily dodged them, but still wondered why they were shooting at me. Weren’t they on my side? I started to call out friendly fire, and they stopped shooting for about half of a minute, and then I heard a squirrel “chitter” and they started firing again. I had made considerable ground on the door while they had stopped shooting, and began to think to just fly away. I remembered I had a bean burrito for lunch, and knew I could easily get away. But first, there would have to be some fighting. I noticed that the logo on the side of the building was not like the Lazurillo’s, and I did not recognize any of the guards on the ground. The only thing that could be possible was; a small group of Lazulai soldiers didn’t get the message about the alliance. I kept flying, claws extended, and plowed into the majority of them. I didn’t draw any blood, but quickly and effectively broke their necks, leaving them limp on the ground. I wasn’t aiming for the squirrels any more, but I kept flying straight towards the door. My plan was to wait for the right moment to pull up and fart (A note about owl farts; they are just as large as a human’s, but we have a smaller exit, so it compresses and acts like a jet engine, propelling us forward at high speeds). When I farted, I could fly off into the sky at great speed, out running even the fastest vehicle known to squirrel. I pulled up a little too soon, but it was a good launch nonetheless. I quickly gained altitude and was flying along until I felt and heard squirrel-sized mortar shells flying past me. I was getting closer and closer to the silo, so I couldn’t look down, or I would crash into it. I kept flying higher and higher, trying to escape the range of the mortar. But it still hit me. Hard.


Chapter 24
While we were flying back, something near the silo started to fall. Rapture assumed it was just a piece of wood, knocked loose from the battle, and told us it was nothing. I looked for myself, and saw that it was way too big to be a piece of wood. I slipped on my night vision binoculars and looked at the object. It looked like…Banrow? I grabbed a coil of rope and tied it to a metal bar. I then grabbed the other end and dived out of the plane, and used my gliding skills to navigate the rope. I landed on Banrow and wrapped the loose rope end around his waist, and then tied it. Making sure that the rope was secure, I began to climb up the rope. Exactly 5.2 minutes later, I reached the helicopter. I then grabbed a first-aid kit and grabbed the rope again. By this time, the squad had realized what I was doing, and instantly started to grab medical supplies and other things, and then grabbed the rope too. Soon we were scanning Banrows feathers for the wound, and saw that some sort of mortar shell had hit him. I grabbed a bandage and jumped off of him, the momentum swinging me back up onto his back. Max immediately started to rustle up some painkillers, and Alec injected several shots into his bloodstream. Rapture was scanning the rest of the body for other possible wounds. Finally we landed, and a squad of squirrels immediately rushed out. They picked Banrow up and trotted over to the infirmary, while we packed our medical supplies and followed close behind. Soon he was laid out on the floor, and I snatched an EEG monitor (A thingy that shows the patients heartbeat.) I was about to hook it up when a squirrel ran over with an X-ray machine and scanned Banrow. He then left, and the chaos began again. About 2 hours later, the infirmary was silent again, and I was giving Banrow a couple shots. Suddenly, he groaned and looked around.
“Ughh… Where am I?”
“In the infirmary; you took a pretty bad blow from that squirrel mortar.”
“Yeah, I thought so.”
“Well anyway, we got you all patched up. You should be able to leave the infirmary in another day. I can’t watch you for that entire time. So uh, just give a yell if you need me.”
With that, I left the room and entered my laboratory. Inside the lab, I started pulling off different chemicals and mixing them. I knew all of these by memory, so it wasn’t too hard to grab them. Plus, I had everything color coded, then alphabetically ordered. In 20 seconds, the room was filled with a light mist, and the chemicals were bubbling. I slammed the door and bolted it. The mist was essential to this creation, and I couldn’t lose too much of it. I slipped a mask on and some goggles, and snapped on some rubber gloves. Okay, time to spill what was going on. When I was inspecting Banrow’s wound, it seemed like his mortar wound was poisoned. I highly doubted it at first, but when I was taking blood samples earlier, it showed up as GIF positive. At this rate, Banrow only had about a day left to live, so I had to create an antidote. The poison would slowly infect his bloodstream, and then enter his brain. Then, it would take out the medulla slowly, cutting off all subconscious activity at the same time and killing him. It would also attack other parts, thus, affecting his limbs and eyes. The antidote could reverse all of this, but some parts could be a little to badly damaged. So, I had to make this antidote fast. I grabbed different chemicals and poured them in, and then waited. Finally, the chemicals stopped bubbling, and the fizz died down. I capped the small vial filled with the liquidized antidote and shook it. The reactions to the sudden movement shot the cork off, and a cloud of gas steamed out. What was left in the vial was a dark red substance. I dumped this out and started to make the pill. This process was the most risky. Outside, I heard Rapture knocking on the door. He probably knew too, and at this stage, the oxygen would probably enhance the healing power of the antidote, so I unlocked the entrance. He walked in with a clipboard, and started to talk.
“Uh, Tam, we have a problem.”
“I know. Banrow is poisoned. I’m creating the antidote right now.”
“Okay. I better not bother you then.”
Rapture exited the room, and I started to form the pill. There was enough to make 3 strong pills, which would easily cure Banrow. About 2 hours later, much longer than I wanted to take, I finished the pills and put them I a small metal tin. Right then, Rapture ran in.
“Sir! It’s Banrow! He’s having convulsions, and is having difficulty breathing!”
I pocketed the pills and ran into the room, Rapture right behind me. I felt something in my pocket, but I ignored it. Banrow was gasping, his wings stiffened and unmoving. His body was having extreme tremors. At this rate, he only had fifteen minutes to live. I reached in my pocket to grab the pills. But they were gone.

Chapter 25


A figure appeared over me.
“Uggh…Where am I?” I said to the figure
“In the infirmary” It replied
“Yeah, I thought so… Am I going to die?”
“Well… we don’t know yet”
“How could you not know? I’ve been here for at least two weeks!”
“Um, you’ve been here for less than twenty minutes” in a snarky tone that sounded like Tam’s
“Tam, am I going to die?”
“You already asked that”
“No I didn’t”
“Yes, you did”
“No I didn’t”
“Yes, you did”
“No I didn’t!”
“Yes, you did!”
“No I didn’t!”
“Okay, I’m not going to argue with you”
“So I am going to die?”
“Not likely”
“Then why didn’t you tell me that earlier?”
“I didn’t feel like it” Then Tam left the room.
Suddenly Unicorns surrounded me and started pawing at my bed. I tried to shoo them away, but they only returned a little later followed by some beavers with twigs in their mouth. A pool of water started to form in the room, it looked like it was seeping out from the bottom of my bed. Mushrooms started to spring up on a grass-covered desert. So did some cactuses, then a small city replaced it, then a glacier came through and wiped out the city, and then another herd of beavers and some mammoths, and then the glacier was gone. It was like I was going through a time-lapse movie of the Earth. The glacier receded and another city was formed, then it snowed a lot, covering the ground, then it melted, then mushrooms and deer came again, then it snowed, and then a giant black line went through the snow, then it melted again, leaving only the black line. With all that melting, the pool of water on the floor was getting deeper. Suddenly I was submersed. It was hard to breath, I started to choke. I couldn’t move, it was like I was tied to the bed. I saw another city, much larger, but this time in flames, with hawks and polar bears and deer and beavers and squirrels surrounding it. My last thoughts before I passed out were: “Is this what the army is going to do?”


Chapter 26
I freaked out. Banrow was started to shiver, and he started squawking about something on fire. He was at his final moments, and I didn’t have the antidote. Suddenly, I saw Rapture running for his life, pushing other squirrels out of the way. Something small was in his hand. The antidote! I roared and pulled out my knife and charged at Rapture. Max jumped in front of rapture and slashed forward. Unfortunately, they had been trained together, so they knew each other’s moves. Rapture slid on the floor and took out Max’s legs, toppling her over. Alec came next to me, and we went on all fours. Suddenly, Nov dived forward and tackled Alec. Alec hissed and yanked out his knife, and soon they were creating the sounds of mortal combat, I had no time to look back, I had to stop Rapture. Rapture was almost to a helicopter, when I dived on him. I yanked out my knife, and stabbed him in the heart. Dark blood seeped out of the wound, and I snatched up the medicine tin. I ran back, jumping over Alec and Nov. I reached Banrow, pried open his beak, and dumped the medicine in. it slid down his throat, and slowly, he stopped convulsing. The breathing became less erratic, and he looked like he was fast asleep. Suddenly, I remembered Alec and Nov. When I ran outside, Nov was laying on the ground. Alec was bent over, panting with exertion. I checked Nov’s pulse. He was dead. Alec laid a hand on my shoulder.
“Sorry mate. He was a good soldier, even if he did turn against us.”
“But why?” I asked, looking at Nov’s lifeless eyes.
“Greed, perhaps. We’ll never know for sure. Maybe it had something to do with that rogue group of Lazulai. Speaking of which, we still have Rage locked up in a cell. I think he could answer most of our questions.”
I nodded and left Nov’s body. We walked down to the dark prison, and looked at Rage’s cell. He was sitting there, pure rage in his eyes. “So that’s why his name is Rage,” I thought to myself. We pulled him out and I signaled to a guard.
“You, give him some valium.”
Alec looked at me.
“Valium? Are you serious?”
”Yeah. It may be a painkiller, but it makes the person drowsy and less coherent. Rage won’t be able to focus on not giving us answers.”
Soon, we were in the interrogation room. The conversation was something like this.
“Rage, why did you branch off?”
“Uhhg, I was…angry…all these squirrels…all under your control…they were…idiots…they…had to be taught…”
His head lolled backwards.
“What about Nov and Rapture? What did you do to them?”
“Them? They were easy to control…Rapture wanted power…. More control…Nov…He wanted…Safety…He didn’t feel safe with the…predator army…wanted to get rid of them… He also…thought you were insane…crazy…I promised them both of those things… they were fools…”
I stared. How did Nov find out about the predator army??
“Hmm. How did Nov find out about this predator army?”
“He…never…told me….”
Rages body went limp then, and he fell asleep. We tossed him back into his cell, and then we went upstairs. A squirrel ran up, and told me that we were starting the city assault. I armed myself, and got the remainder of the squad. Max fortunately was okay, with only a minor leg fracture. We got into Chinook 42, good ol’ deathtrap. All around us, the Chinooks took off, and flew off into the distance. When we took off, we suddenly saw the owlets swooping towards the city, Banrow was nowhere to be seen, he was probably still recovering. We cheered at the extra support, and then something hit us. The helicopter went down, in its usual death spiral. We tried to parachute out, but we couldn’t, the pilot was dead and had fallen and jammed the door button. Before we went down, I caught a glimpse of other squirrels trying desperately to bail out.

Chapter 27

I have to get out of here.
Tam and his army are doing a bad thing, locking up their own kind in a plot for world domination. I got out of my bed, much to the delight of the surprised squirrel medics. I glided down to the basement and grabbed the keys to the chambers, totally un-opposed. I attempted to get many of the captives to join us in exchange for freedom, but most refused. I managed to get a seemingly drugged Rage to join, and two other of Rage’s soldiers, named Hans and Lacer, who instantly joined when they found out that Rage had joined. I used the keys I had taken off the rack to let them out. I flew to the door and opened it for them, and we ran off to the city, following the mob of bird-like helicopters to the city. I equipped our newly created teammates with squirrel-scooters, and toned-down squirrel bazookas and sent them on their way. I flew up and past the helicopters, trying to get comfortable in my tree before the fireworks began. Suddenly helicopters everywhere started going down, I instinctively looked at the three squirrels I had sent off, and they weren’t even looking at the helicopters, much less aiming at them. I saw a black dot shooting through the mob, hitting every helicopter in what seemed a planned order. Chinook 42 went down. I realized that more likely than not, Tam was in there; he had a strange fondness for things would more likely than not kill him. The door wasn’t opening, and I knew something was going wrong. I shot towards Rage and took his bazooka from him, much to his complaint, and fired five shots as best as I could towards the door of the spiraling chopper. I threw the bazooka back to him and shot trough the air, using the wind at my back to rocket towards the plane. There were hundreds of rotors, broken and intact, flying everywhere. I not-so-easily dodged them, and continued to head towards the Chinook. The door was partly dented from my shots at it, seeing as it probably had everything-proof doors on it. I rammed into it by accident, being unable to slow myself down, and that seemed to do a pretty good number on the door, and it flung open and began to fall to the ground. Unfortunately, it started spiraling even more out of control, and started to move away from me, which was still bad. Through the doorway of the Chinook, I could see some squirrels praying, obviously not realizing that the door was open now. I squawked and they looked, instantly realizing that the door, in fact, was gone. I picked up the flying Tam and told him to order a recall of the troops, today was not the day to invade. Surprisingly, he actually did what I said and the entire army, minus eight Chinooks and twenty-four soldiers, returned home. Immediately when we got to the base, Tam had a large meeting with every soldier alive for clues on what that was, taking down all the Chinooks. Many suggested another rogue squirrel, seeing as that had been the usual answer before, but one squirrel in particular saw what it was. It was an animal that its habitat includes, but is not limited to, the sky. A Sparrow; by far the most courageous and numerous, and least powerful bird in the world. Everyone in the room took this seriously except me. I knew a way to defeat them.


Chapter 28
Okay, so quick bio on sparrows. These birds are weak, and gain power in numbers. If you can separate one or two sparrows, a single squirrel with some equipment could take him down. So, they usually come in packs of like, 20-30. These birds are however, extremely brave. I’ve actually seen one fly straight into an army to save his friends. So, these sparrows could be a huge asset to our team. After a long talk with Banrow to say that we were not going to burn down the city, or kill all of its inhabitants, (merely capture the city, and expel all the citizens) we went to find survivors. Rage, Hans and Lacer went with me (much to my discomfort), and that’s when the trouble began.
“Hey Lacer! I found a helicopter! Lets go check it out!” Hans yelled
“Yeah, sure, whatever.”
They went off to check out the crashed Chinook, leaving me with Rage. Rage seemed extremely calm, and was looking around at the sky. As for myself, I was as twitchy as a jumping bean, and was ready to tear off somebody’s limb. Suddenly, we heard a squawk in the distance. At first we thought it was Banrow, but then we realized something. Banrow doesn’t truly squawk. He kind of…hoot/squawks. Plus, the call was too high pitched for Banrow. This eliminated our possibilities to this
1. Sparrows
2. Sparrows
3. Sparrows
Seeing as the sparrows were enemies, we immediately rushed over to the site of the noise. Obviously, it was at the wrecked Chinook site. There were about 40 sparrows berating Hans and Lacer, who were huddled up in the wreck. Once we came, they heard us, and about 35 charged towards us. I immediately collapsed, my fur blending in with the snow. The small angry birds immediately savaged rage, which was less fortunate for him. I got up and started firing at the birds, and a couple went down. Finally, the rest fled, and Rage crouched on the ground, covered in bird wounds. Hans and Lacer came out, shaking. I groaned.
“Man, you guys need to toughen up!” I said, annoyed.
“Well, you weren’t stuck in a cell for the past two weeks, or being attacked by sparrows!”
“Yeah, well guess who had the chain gun? You. Guess who kicked those sparrows’ butt, with a pistol? Me.”
Since they couldn’t really reason with that, they just shut up. Rage started talking,
“I think that was the last chopper. Lets start heading back to base.”
40 minutes later.
“So you’re saying that you were somehow able to get the sparrows to join our side?”
“Yes. It wasn’t that hard, actually.”
“Duh. You’re a bird. I’m a squirrel. Therefore, you can speak their language.”
Our base was crowded with Sparrows, Foxes (I had finally let the secret loose that we had an army of predators.), Wolves, Squirrels and Owls. Banrow had got the sparrows to join up with us, and we had a pretty good army. Since the first attack was a disaster only because of the sparrows, I was thinking that we could launch another attack on the city. I consulted Banrow, as we had decided that we wouldn’t keep anything from each other, and he agreed. So, we started getting the troops ready. The infirmary was still jam-packed with wounded, but we left a couple guards behind. Finally, we started the march forward. A huge train of squirrels and predators weaved through the forest, and ended at the burnt wreck of the hardware store. About two hours later, we had a good camp pitched in the shadows of the wreckage. Finally, after so many months, the siege of this town had begun.

Chapter 29
Okay, Tam finally promised me that no one would get hurt or killed; they would just simply capture the city and expel all the humans, which is almost as bad, but is definitely better than dying from a people standpoint. Mark, who was on our side, still did not want to do this, so we left him back in his apartment to block off escape to the top, at least he was willing to do something. I flew Tam personally into the not-yet-a-battle zone, and dropped him and a couple other squirrels that hopefully were on our side, into a tree. Tam stayed on and instructed me to be a troop helicopter, he said I could fly much faster than the Chinooks, and could carry more, plus, I could avoid everything without needing to be commanded. So I flew a couple hundred of squirrel troops around from place to place, and finally Tam told me to rest and wait for the call to action. He employed the owlets to take my spot, and combined, they did it much faster than I could have ever done by myself. Tam gathered the squirrels in the large park in the middle of the town, and we took a vote of which building to take first. To ensure victory we would have to focus all our troops on one building. By a majority vote, we chose the thirty-room apartment building that Mark had lived in. There was much dismay towards this situation from the older squirrels, probably because most of them had bad memories from the last time we tried to invade, which involved a cat, a stumbling human, and having one of our best soldiers being kidnapped by the Lazulai. They still went through with the invasion, and I followed far behind, but not far enough behind so that I couldn’t see what was up ahead. Because I was at the back of the pack, I got the job of look out. I would periodically look back, but only when I wasn’t making sure that Tam’s troops were keeping true to his promise. Usually the humans would usually muster an “Ain’t that cute!” before the squirrels forced them down the hallway. We didn’t make them leave, that would have been too hard, we instead left that to Tam, who was down at the front desk, ready to pull the fire alarm when they were all in the hall. However, some of them did not go so easy. Mark had said that there was a crazy cat lady who never left her apartment, except to get cat food and more cats. We didn’t know which room she was in, so it was like knowing there was a bomb in the field you’re walking through, but not knowing where that bomb is. We opened one door, and a man instantly tried to sic hid dog on us, but we quickly subdued the dog, and then him. The dog made quite a loud noise, and I began to worry. Suddenly I heard a door creak opened, and multiple “mrow”s all at once, followed by one “Get them my kitties!” I scream-hooted to the squirrels ahead of me, and they instantly knew to run. I clung to the ceiling, hoping to grab their attention away from the squirrels, but they didn’t even notice me. I called frantically down to Tam to turn on the sprinklers, but he said he couldn’t, because he hadn’t unlocked the door to the room yet. I told him to just get one of the foxes to pull the lever in the lobby, but he said the foxes already had the commands to secure any rogue squirrel clans in the park. I flew as fast as I could towards the hallway, where I knew there was a switch, as it was city code to have one on every floor. I tried to peck some of the cats as I flew past them. Suddenly, the sprinklers started, and the cats all hissed and ran away, followed by the crazy old lady, who was yelling “NOO, COME BACK MY KITTIES!” Knowing that lockdown would happen soon, I got the last of the people out, so there would be none left trapped in the building.


Chapter 30

My squad and I were invading the building. Suddenly, I heard a ‘meow?’ Last time I had heard that noise was when we had just found this building, my squad, having been with me at the time, pulled out their weapons. Suddenly, a cat hissed and charged at us.
“Flash bangs, now!” I yelled.
Eleven grenades (we had gotten replacements for Nov and Rapture, one of them was Alec) flew through the air and exploded right in front of the cat’s eyes, blinding it. We pulled out our guns and started firing, and the cat fell over, clearly dead. We waited a few seconds to reload, and then we continued. I was worried; there could be more cats. We raided a few apartments with success, and there were no cats. But suddenly, on our way back from raiding, we heard another hiss. All the troops stopped dead, and then started to hide. I flung myself behind a wall. We all peeked one way, when suddenly Max shrieked and pointed in the opposite direction. Three cats had found us, and were gaining on us. We ran up to where we had stored supplies, and the squirrels guarding it started firing; this only aggravated the cats more, and they started attacking the fort. Paws whacked the barricades and squirrels flew everywhere. Chattering screams resounded in the air, and the squad desperately searched for something that could stop these destructive beasts. One squirrel dragged himself towards us, his lower body wounded. I grabbed him and pulled him behind a crate before a cat ate him. Finally, Alec found a chain gun. Laughing, he started it up, and the cats got about...350 bullets, more or less, each in the face. Their heads bloody, each one ran away, and we looked at the destruction they had made. Most of the supplies were intact, but some wood and food had been damaged. We salvaged what we could, and then saw if any guards were alive. There was the guard I had saved, and another, who had fell when one of the lookout towers collapsed. We put them on stretchers and loaded them on a Chinook that was taking some of the wounded home. I contacted the other squirrels, and it seemed like they were doing fine. All opposing forces inside the building had been eliminated (the three cats had run out a window, a stupid thing to do, even for cats), and the only problem was the humans. I decided that the best way to make them leave was to capture the control room in the building. This place was in the basement, and we needed our best stealth fighters and hackers to come. That would be
· Alec
· Me
· Max
· Rage
· A squirrel named Franz
· A squirrel named Costello.
After grabbing all these squirrels, we started towards the basement. Obviously, the door was locked. I sent Costello to break in, and in a minute he had removed the keypad, cut 5 different wires, and fused two wires together. Finally, we heard the lock click. Franz shivered.
“I never thought that we would invade the sun place.”
I smacked him.
“Human town you idiot!”
Okay, so maybe you’re thinking that I was a little too harsh. Well I wasn’t. This guy had made the mistake at least 80 times in two hours. Some one had to teach him, and that someone just happened to be me. Finally, we went down into the room, and activated the alarm. The sprinklers went off everywhere, and the blaring lights and sounds almost gave Rage a seizure. We ran to the ‘lockdown’ switch, and waited until everybody had exited the building. Finally, that crazy cat lady ran screaming down the hall and outside, and then we flicked the lockdown switch. Out side, the foxes reported that all rogue squirrel clans had been eliminated. The hardware camp was moving out to enter the building, bringing all their supplies. The foxes sparrows and wolves, preferring the outdoors, hunkered down in the park. I pulled out a book of objectives and checked off the first one. Stage one was complete!

Chapter 31

Well, at least so far the first invasion was going quite well, we had kicked the residents out, moved Mark back in, and transferred our base from the hardware store to the new building. One base was in the lobby, under the front desk, the other base was for only flying creatures, and it was located in the ducts on the 24th floor. Also, there was a base on the roof, which was more of a hangar, where most of the Chinooks and planes were stored, and where flying squirrels and super-squirrel-soldiers were trained. The base was looking pretty good, all completely set up. I flew to the top to talk to Tam, when I got there it looked like he was resting, but I knew he wouldn’t mind if I woke him up. I hopped over to him and started to flap my wings as hard as I could, hoping to “gently” wake him up. He started running around obviously awake and running over to trees and muttering things I couldn’t understand. I stopped him and shook him awake.
“Hey Tam, what are we going to do with the stuff in the silo?”
“ Uh… Horseshoes?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m awake. You really don’t have to yell”
“What are we going to do with the stuff in the silo?”
“Uh… Leave it there?”
“Why would we do that?”
“Because it would be too hard to move it here”
“Tam, incase you forgot, we have an entire army living in this building”
“Oh right… well, go tell some of them to bring it over”
“I can’t. Remember Tam, you’re their leader, and so is that Guinea Pig dude”
“Yeah, well tell them I told you to”
“You are so lazy”
“Yeah, I am, aren’t I?” he said dreamily and went back to sleep.
I went down to the land-based base in the lobby and told them to climb up to the air base and wait for further instructions. I flew through the ducts to the air-based base, and nearly got hit with some bird pellets on my way up.
“They are not paying me enough to do this,” I said to myself.
I finally reached one third of the three-duct base to see hundreds of birds either resting, eating, mating, or tending to the young. Although the structure of the base itself was beautifully designed, the stench was unbearable. The birds obviously had gotten used to living in their own filth without caring, but there had been complaints from other bases, and the apartment “suites” for generals, lieutenant generals, major generals, brigadier generals, colonels, majors and the occasional lucky soldier had filed complaints of a horrible smell. Most of them assumed that it was coming from the birds, seeing as they were living in the air ducts. I was stuck waiting with them for a while until the ground troops finally made it up here. I had already given the birds the plan. They would carry the grounders (as they called the ground troops) to the silo, drop them off, and then wait for them to come back to them with the stuff from inside the silo. I had put Geraldo (the guinea pig) in charge of leading the relocation of the hardware store’s hardware, and it appeared to be going very smoothly. I, myself was going to carry the high-explosive (which Tam never told any of us about) back to the base. Tam said to move it last, because he needed time to make the special storage house for it. Right after Tam told me to carry it, I asked,
“How many tons does it pack?”
Tam replied, “I’m not going to tell you”
“Why not?!” I retorted
“It might make you a little nervous”


Chapter 32

I decided to check out the squirrel base while Banrow told the owls to get the silo equipment. All the squirrels were building homes, eating, doing acrobatics, exercising, mating, and taking care of offspring, kind of like the birds. Seeing as I had nothing to do, I started to build that secret safe house. Suddenly; we heard a huge explosion outside. Immediately, half of the squirrels rushed out through tunnels we had created. As we did, I suddenly heard Quib report from a distant outpost.
“Sir, dogs broke into the building!”
I groaned. We needed to check what had happened, but we needed some defenders against the dogs. I decided to send half of the squirrels back, and took the other half with me. We immediately rushed out and hopped into remote control cars we had. In no time at all, we checked out the blast site. Turns out an extremely dangerous explosive was dropped from an unknown source, and hit the hardware camp, which contained soldiers that had not left yet. Among them were some of my best fighters, such as Max. We immediately checked the base, and found a few lucky survivors. About 5% of these survivors were not wounded. Among that 5% was Max, who had luckily been foraging for some food when the bomb was dropped. We carried the wounded to the building, when I remembered the dogs. Quickly, I ran to a point where I could get a good radio signal.
“This is Tam to alpha 1. Any signs of the dogs?”
“No signs sir. However, Omega post survivors reported that Omega and Beta were destroyed.”
“What about the Suites? Any word from them?”
“Not really. One suite reported scratching on the door, but no break ins.”
“Okay. Any word from the owls?”
“Nope, nothing…Wait, we’re getting something now. I’m transmitting the signal to you. Alpha 1 out!”
“This is Beta 3 to all bases. The dogs are attacking our walls! We need backup immediately! Our walls can’t stand much…THEY’VE BROKEN THROUGH! We need all personnel immediately! We are evacuating the outpost!”
I ran out of the radio hotspot. I grabbed as many squirrels as I could without leaving the wounded alone and started to make my way to the entrance closest to Beta 3. Max was right behind me, pestering me with questions.
“What happened? What is going on?”
“I’ll explain later, we just need to get to Beta 3!”
One by one, we filed through the tunnel and looked at the mayhem. Beta 3 was a wreck, and the dogs had crashed right through it. To the left were a small group of squirrels, which were running for their lives. Immediately, we yelled and charged forward, which I now see as a tremendously idiotic thing to do. Immediately the squirrels opened fire, and the dog’s attention was diverted to us. Once I saw their faces, I saw how bad of a mistake this was. One of them was a bloodhound, an amazing tracker. The other was a German shepherd, which explained how they entered the building. They growled at us, and we decided that we should make a run for it. The bloodhound lowered his head and followed our scent trail, the German shepherd close behind. We met up with the evacuees, and then started to head for the air vents. The German shepherd broke into a full run, and we sprinted for our lives. Finally, we saw a slightly ajar door. We sprinted in, and then slammed the door shut. Behind me, I could hear the dogs barking and clawing at the wood. The evacuees were panting, and some were holding weapons. One mother had a baby slung on her back, and that reminded me of a certain Native American Mark had told me about…. Sack…sacra…Sacagawea! Yeah, that was it. Well anyway, we breathed hard, and then decided that we would have to bunker down in here for a while. I sent the most able bodied to grab some food, and the almost able bodied to scout out a good hiding spot. In about 2 hours, we were all ready, and I found a radio point. I contacted Alpha 1 immediately.
“Alpha 1, this is Tam. Any signs of the dogs?”
“Negative Tam. Last time we had their location, they were running through hallway sector 78 B. “
“Copy Alpha 1. Contact me next time you have a visual. Tam out.”
I went back to the base, the radio transmitter in my paw. The troops with weapons were on guard, and the others were inside the hiding spot. When I entered, I saw the troops lounging around. I sat down on the ground and started to recalibrate the radio. Now that we were ready, I fell asleep.

2 days later.
“Ugh…Where are we?”
I was standing over the last of the troops, shaking them awake.
“Another day in camp hide-away. Get up and face it.”
The soldier sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, then grabbed his equipment and uniform. Seeing as that was the last of them, I went to the bathroom to wash up. I hopped in the sink (this is a human-sized building, remember?) and turned on the water, waiting until the basin was half full. Then I got some soap flakes and rubbed them against my fur. After about 2 minutes of this, I rinsed off and got out of the tub. Taking a hand towel, I dried off my fur, and then emptied the basin. I slipped on my uniform, when I heard Max shriek.
“Oh, you have got to be kidding me…”
I ran out of the bathroom and slammed the door. Why? Because Max had been in the room the entire time. Talk about an invasion of privacy! I strapped on my gun and walked back to the camp. Suddenly, I heard the radio crackle.
“This is Alpha 1 to Tam. We have a visual of the dogs. The owls are pushing them back, but we have a few casualties. Please get over here as soon as possible!”
I sighed and waited. Max walked up behind me and smacked me.
“You were in the bathroom too?”
“Uh…yeah…Look, I told you not to use the second sink, okay?”
This was going to be a loong trip.

Chapter 33

I made to the silo and the old base, where, not surprisingly, there were hundreds of animals, both ground and air based, waiting at the top of the silo. Although Tam didn’t tell me to, and probably wouldn’t have let me if I asked him, I brought along one of our absolute finest engineers with me, Engart. I used the special key Tam had given me to open the silo, opened the doors, and made the final touches on my moving plan. I had Engart and his two students, Alta and Joey unscrew the more important electronics first, and had the Sparrows load them onto waiting carriages, where a team of Rabbits (Don’t ask me where Tam got them, it’s a long story) pulled them back to the apartment complex. It was a pretty good assembly line, and we had almost everything out within an hour, way ahead of the time schedule Tam had put us on. I told everybody to take five, and went to the part of the silo that Tam’s key also opened; the bomb bay. It was beautiful. I’m guessing, somewhere along the line, Tam ran into a couple billion dollars, because the hangar was nothing like the rest of the base. The ceilings were covered in a black-white-black-black pattern that made it look like the stars. Over in the corner was a stockpile of guns, hanging beautifully from the walls, a few of the racks were empty, and I could see the guns lying across the floor, scattered. There was a tint of red in the mirrored floors, almost like a ruby. There were sound-dampening walls everywhere there could possibly be one, and right in the center of it all; the bomb itself. It fell quite short of my expectations; it was only a small pocket-sized glob of green, floating in a blueish containment tube. There were hundreds of little buttons and meters covering the dashboard in front of the tube. There was an entire eerie feeling about this place, like I really didn’t have any business being in there. That’s just a simplified version of what it looked like, it was impossible to describe, and even if it weren’t impossible, your head would explode from all the big fanciful words that would be used. I then remembered that everybody else was still on the break I had given them, so I quietly left, and told them to continue moving the rest of the stuff. I re-entered the room and it stunned me yet again, even though it was the exact same thing I had just seen. I moved over to the bomb case, and inserted my key into what looked like the appropriate spot in the dashboard. A soft clicking noise came from the container, and a robot arm came out from the ceiling and moved the pod onto a seemingly designated groove in the floor. It had a small handle on it, and I grasped it between my talons. I pressed another button on the dashboard, and the roof opened for me as I flew out. The bomb was surprisingly light for something that was probably pretty explosive. I was flying back to the base with the bomb, and all commotion appeared to have stopped at the silo, but then again it was getting dark. As I neared the base, I heard a snickering noise coming from the trees, but ignored it, mainly because it was probably just crickets. I kept flying, a little more cautious, even though I kept telling myself not to worry. I felt a whoosh of air move in front of me, and it made me even more nervous, even though it was completely normal for this time of year in Alaska. At least it would be, on any other night. Something flew right into my face, screamed as loud as it could into my face and shot away, leaving me jittery. Suddenly something rammed into me from the side, and I slammed into something sharp, jostling my whole body.
I dropped the bomb.


Chapter 35
*Yawn* I was stuck in a cell. The only thing I was really allowed to do was sleep, breathe and drink what looked like squirrel pee. Sleep was about the only thing I actually did.

Chapter 36
Three Days Later
Banrow fluttered out of his prison with joy. I immediately gave him orders, and he followed them.

Chapter 37

YAY! I’m free!

Chapter 38
Two Hours Later
We flew in on Chinooks to the library. I was in the usual formation, with the squad of owls around us. The scout Chinook reported back.
“Nothing unusual sir. I’m getting heat signals from small life forms other than humans, they’re probably mice, but other then that, it’s just the librarian.”
“Okay. I want a forward advance. Alpha, take the roof. Beta, take the front, and the rest of you follow me. We’re entering through some air vents.”
We landed next to an air conditioner and unscrewed it, sending it plunging to the ground, never to blow again; my squad and I leaped into the now cooling-less vent. I clung on to my helmet, feeling the back draft from the helicopter blades. Suddenly, I got a report from Beta.
“Sir, the librarian has birds!”
“What? Why didn’t the scanner pick up their heat signals?”
“Umm… I think we found our “mice”! The problem is, were getting torn apart by them! We have them held back in a bookshelf, but not for much longer! We need backup!”

Chapter 39

Tam had given me not-so-special orders; I had to enter through the back with Milford, my favorite owlet, and take a position to help when needed. I was supposed to push over the bookshelf on the end of the row, toppling the rest of them. The squads had been told to run to bookshelves incase of trouble, so I wasn’t too worried about them. Milford was my “scout”; he was the one who would fly back and forth along the rows, checking to see when I would have to push it over. Milford was smart, but got distracted easily, so I wasn’t too sure about whether he would forget or not. The reason we were using the bookshelves as our emergency weapon was because when we captured the base, we would have to push them down anyway to get the books off of them. Tam had planned on using the books, the hardcover ones at least, combined with a strong adhesive to make a sort of brick wall for use of a base inside a base inside a building. Still, I got quite bored with my duties, and Milford hadn’t come to me at all, only once to ask where the bathroom was, which is a pretty stupid question for an owl. I looked along the shelf I was waiting at, and found a suitable Get Fuzzy comic book. I sat down and started reading, passing the time. Well, I was an emergency help, so I guess it was kind of a good thing that I had nothing to do. Then a thought pooped into my head. If Milford hadn’t reported anything, something might have happened to him on his route. I flew up and down his route as fast as I could while still looking for him. He was nowhere to be seen, and I started to explore outside of his route in a spiral out. Fortunately, to my surprise, relief and anger, I found him up in the beanbag reading section curled up with Shakespeare’s MacBeth.
He only rolled over.
That got him awake pretty fast, and immediately started doing his route again, obviously not seeing me there watching him. At what looked to be aisle 27, he got a look of shock on his face and flew down faster to where I was before. I immediately took off after him, so he wouldn’t freak out when he got there, and see that I wasn’t there. I could fly faster than him, and scared him when I tapped his back to ask what he saw.
All he could muster was “Bad… Push… Shelf… Now”
I used my one-way Bluetooth headset to radio the squirrels. Milford helped me push the shelf and, I flew down the edge pathway to give a reading of when to evacuate the aisle.
“5… 4… 3… 2… Evacuate Now!” I saw a glob of squirrels run out the both ends of the aisle. The birds tried to give chase but were put down and then crushed by the hundreds of books falling on them. The librarian had evacuated herself long before, and it appeared that the invasion of the library had gone successfully. I hadn’t found Tam yet, but I knew he was okay, wherever he was.

THE END of Part 1 (Part 2 coming in a year or two)