Guess The Word


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Hi Guys here's my forum game.. which i think i made up.. :)
Pretty Simple I make up a word and tell you how many letters it has and like the category it belongs to. You have a maximum of 5 guesses. No double posting.

I guess winner gets 1 rep since I can't donate coins and it isn't an official wiipros contest so good luck :) Some people can't get rep cause I already gave em one :( sorry guys who i repped i'll think of something :)

The Word
The word is 5 letters long no spaces
The catagory is Nintendo Character :)
Winner:link121 Word:Luigi
The Next Word
The Word is 10 Letters Long One Spaces
The Catagory Is Nintendo Console :)
Winner:XxWweWiixX Word: Nintendo 64
The Other Word
The Word is 10 Letters Long One Space
Catagory Is Nintendo Series :)
Winner:Snooben Word: Super mario
The Hard Word
I'm gonna do this a little harder..
I'm not going to tell you how many letters the word has or spaces :)
But the category is Developer (Third,Second,First Party Developers)
Winner: TBA Word: TBA
You guys now have 3 guesses due to this being easy ;)