WTS: Steam account, 9 years, 81 level, 711 games.


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I think I made a topic here a very long ago, how I wanted to sell my steam account and actually didn't sell it. Oh god, wish I would have did so back in the days and actually didn't get pulled into this industry so much. I wasted thousands of euros on that steam account and it has grown a lot.

I have officially decided to quit it, the gaming as I am a 23 years old man who just uhm, let's say got problems into spending a lot of $$ where it's not supposed to go ^^

This is a very serious post and I hope to get a normal bidding on this steam account. Let's all agree that best way to trade steam account would be hand to hand? Like meeting in person, doing all the email, password changes and stuff. I don't really trust paypal much, as I know that people can charge back very easily, specially with something as steam. So I prefer paying methods hand to hand (If countries are not far and we can meet up) or direct payment towards my credit card.

I have this steam account since I was a kid, originally it all started with an Orage box, which my father bought for me. I never really spent money on steam before after I made a selling post of this account back in 2012 and these 4 years were just, uh.. I bought really a lot of games and I spend even more on games inside game shops.

Titles I spent in the most money in are:

APB reloaded (Tons of clothing items, weapons, skins)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Lots of money wasted into case opening, skins, etc)
The Secret World (All issues, collector packs, clothing and stuff)

And I mean the list could go on and on, if you interested in any particular game where I MAY own anything inside a game, just ask and I will answer. Though pretty much every game you gonna touch on steam, mostly will be linked with my steam account and own all the goodies.

Account has 711 games, if you need a proper list, it would take me a really long time (unless you can give me some advises how to write down all 711 games into a list. 9 Year badge, 81 steam level, many old, beta, rare badges. Never ever received any vac ban, trade ban or game ban. Always in a clean rep. Account has many rare items, as grizzly veteran badge on Team Fortress 2, for players buying the game somewhere around 2007.

Honestly, steam calculator puts this as 6.7k$ worth, then I put together all the goodies inside the games, I think it's worth around 7,500. Of course no one in the earth is going to pay that kind amount of money. HOWEVER, I think best option for a trade would be hand to hand if the offer is more than 2,000$.

I am posting the screenshots now, to show you about what the talk is going on around.



Above is just a glimpse of a game list I own.

I think the best way is to start a bidding system? I take my right to cancel this steam sale topic if I decide that the biddings haven't met what I have expected.

If you want further information about the account, you can add me to the skype - gintas-sk8r.


MINIMUM BID 400 EUROS. You can post on this topic anything you want to know about my account, gonna answer to every message as well as your biddings if interested. Topic gonna stay for around 2 weeks.