WTS: Global Elite, 5000h profile, a lot of shinny medals, MUST TAKE IT!


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**CS:GO rank is Global Elite, 486 competive wins, Private rank is 14, but I have already got the Service medal.
**CS:GO coins : 5 year veteran coin ; 2015 Service Medal ; Gold Operation Bloodhound Coin ; Gold Operation Vanguard Coin ; Silver Operation Breakout Coin ; Gold Operation Phoenix Coin ; Gold Operation Bravo Coin - got almost all of them, except one, and you can't get any of them anymore, so it is an advantage that my profile has
**Steam profile level is 7 ; Steam profile is created 5 years ago ; There is almost 2 pages with "+rep" in steam profile
**Games on the account - CS:1,6 ; CS:Source ; CS:GO ; CS:Condition Zero ; Half-Life 2: Deathmatch ; Half-Life 2: Lost Coast ; Left 4 Dead 2 ; Garry's Mod ; PAYDAY: The Heist ; Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box ; Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ; DiRT 3 ; DiRT 3 Complete Edition ===
**Total hours on record - 4762h Hours on CS:GO - 1617h
**Have never used any kind of cheats, and have never had any kind of ban. Clean as it can be.
**Got a lot if items in inventory, but you can have them (Total value of whole inventory is around 10$ )

**THE PRICE IS 90 $ (54$ in games, 10$ steam inventory, around 20$ in those coins, and do not forget about the hours played, matches won, and the CS:GO rank ) You can pay with skins ( I would prefer 1 decent knife ) or PayPal We can talk about a discout, if you are an actual buyer
**Contact me through the skype - endiss1 Will respond as soon as I can

Proof of having the account in attachment
Global Elite, 5000h profile, a lot of shinny medals, MUST TAKE IT!


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This guy is a scammer, i sent him CSGO Skins worth 70$, he removed me on skype without saying anything as this screenshot proofes:



And to the thread creator:
Just want to let you know i dealed with scammers several times, that's why i contacted a lawyer after the 3rd time. We managed to find out peoples names and made claims; in the end they had to pay me the sum back + 1000 Dollar indemnity, this is the last Change to give me Access to the account or give me either the item back or sending me those 77 dollars, i will wait 24 hours from now on for a Response, if you do not answer i will contact my lawer.