Free Laptop With Orange


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Don't know if many's seen this offer that PCWorld are doing. If you go instore and sign up to free broadband, you'll receive a free laptop!

Sounds good. But..

It's £15 or something a month, min. contract is 24 months. The laptop you get is pretty shocking for modern laptops. A budget one. 256mb ram etc. But can you complain for paying a normal broadband and free laptop?

Well, maybe so. Orange Starter Pack (The one you get put on) is pretty poor. 2gb download limit. If it's anything like my orange broadband (I pay £5 a month and unlimited d/load), it's pretty slow. With the ammount of new customers coming to Orange. I can only predict that it'll get slower. Plus, most of the broadband tech support are in india. Which isn't useful at all!


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I saw that on TV yesterday, sounded good at the time until I saw £15 per month for 24 months and a crappy laptop.

The 2gb monthly download limit wouldn't even last me an hour and 2mb download speed, thats the speed I had like 3 years ago, I thought every ISP was faster than that nowadays.
I have 20mb and I don't even pay for it so couldn't live with myself if I paid £15 per month for just 2mb.