Combat Arms Weekly Briefing -- March 19, 2010


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Attention Soldiers!

In order to better serve our soldiers in the field, Combat Arms HQ has authorized the creation of a Weekly Briefing to keep you keep you abreast of all the intel you’ll need to keep you alive in the field! This week saw some big news as we revealed details of an upcoming mission (“Short Fuse”), opened the new Madness server, and received some great press from GameZone.


Short Fuse Exclusive Trailer on FileFront

Filefront has the exclusive trailer for Combat Arms latest field operation – Operation:Short Fuse. Check it out, learn the terrain and start planning your lines of attack now!

Short Fuse Exclusive Trailer

The Insanity of March!

In conjunction with the basketball tournament of a lifetime, Combat Arms has opened up the Madness server. From March 15th through April 5th, the Madness Server will have channel dedicated to each scheduled college basketball game. Get on and support your favorite bastion of higher education with the most firepower you can muster! Check the schedule, load your guns and get ready to give it the old college try!

Get the schedule and all the details here!

Seven-day FREE Starter Package for all new players!

Who doesn’t like friends? Who doesn’t like FREE stuff? Who doesn’t like pulling their friends into the line of fire of an RPG round in order to get FREE stuff? Everybody! Well from now on, all new accounts get a great gift that includes a whole bunch of great FREE stuff. Find your friends and get fragging!

All the details here!

WOGL’s Death March Tournament

Our friends over at the World Online Gaming League are running a “Death March” basketball-style tournament with some pretty hot Combat Arms teams for a 50,000 NX grand prize. Head over to their Web site, check out the event and maybe root for some great CA competitors!

WOGL “Death March” Tournament

Combat Arms Press

GameZone gives CA a 9.0

We know how awesome Combat Arms is, but it’s always nice when someone from outside the community takes notice. Check out this great game review from GameZone where the game got 9.0 out of 10!

All of this in one great package that's absolutely free is a steal."-GameZone

Check out the full review here!

Featured Item of the Week

M60 Steel

This week’s item of the week is the M60 Steel, a popular weapon amongst Combat Arms players because of its utility, high damage, moderate recoil and high ammo capacity. Sometimes called a “spray and pray” weapon, and thanks to Machine Gun Month, it’s currently on sale for 350NX per day. According to our soldiers, it is most popular on Junk Flea, Death Room and Fireteam maps such as Cabin Fever. The M60 Steel is most effectively used as a suppression weapon in tight spaces in order to scatter opponents, or in Infected maps, to quickly clear out a horde of zombies.

Let’s see what a few of your fellow Combat Arms players had to say:

I use this gun when I’m in quarantine or Fireteam Cabin Fever due to its rate of fire and damage and its capacity of bullets. It’s also good in Junk Flea one man army because of its high rate of fire. You can kill someone faster and don’t have to keep reloading after one kill!” – Darren A.

“I use it in Cabin Fever as my primary. I line the zombies up and then chug...chug...chug, they drop. The last thing they see is a 7.62 and I see spray and numbers....ahhhhh sweet bliss.” – Rob R.

M60 steel is a high fire rate gun. I would recommend it in close quarters maps such as,Junk Flea or Death Room. The recoil is not too bad so in Fireteam it would work pretty well in most situations.” – Vincent T.

M60 Steel Details

Community Spotlight

Platinum X’s 1v1 Tournament

When a member of the Combat Arms community makes a great contribution, it’s only right that we recognize them for what they bring to us all. Platinum-X has been running an awesome 1v1 Combat Arms Tournament that’s currently heading into the final rounds. Three cheers for FrostFire626 who’s already nabbed a top slot in the finals, we’ll be looking forward to the final match!

Platinum's 1v1 Tournament

Combat Arms on Facebook

Have you joined us on Facebook yet?

The Combat Arms Facebook is closing in on 30,000 fans. This week a bunch of people got the chance to win a CA patch and foam hand grenades. If you’d like to keep updated on everything Combat Arms related, join the CA Facebook page today!

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