What sould i buy?


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Hi, i will have £20 soon and i was wondering what to get..

#1. I have a holiday soon adn where i am going i can pick up a street fighter 2 figure.
#2. I could get a Wii Points card to get Paper Mario.
#3. I could save for £24.99 to get Eledees from Argos.
#4. Save money for a better game?


I am a huge Street Fighter fan but i also want a new game!!!!


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£25 is good for Eledees, and it is a fun game, it would probably keep you ammused as much as a more expensive game.


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i'd either get paper mario, or save up and get a good game, but tbh, the only ''good'' games atm are zelda and re4


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i would get eledees, but thats cause iv been reading hte thread on it and really want it now, it depends wot sort games u like really, eledees might not be ur sorta game casue it looks pretty unusual.


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Paper Mario!
Or, that's what I would take.

The best tip I could give you is probably to check out lots and lots of reviews of games you're interrested in. And then pick out of those. =)