Were you happy when you bought your Wii?



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I played mine for the whole day i just couldn't stop and all i had was wiisports and by morning i had already become pros in all the sports :):):)


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i got my wii after school on december 8th and i pluged it all in and had a quick go then i played about 3 hours after dinner, i was realy exited but i had to wait untill the next day for another game.
I sat on the sofa twitching, trying to pass the time till Christmas. Then when Christmas came, I playing Twilight princess for four hours then tried Wii sports for about an hour, then went back to twilight princess for the rest of the day


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I brought the Wii on the launch date but didn't have it till christmas. on christmas day i was on all day on Wii Sports :)


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I got mine on Christmas day, but I could only play it for two hours, 'cos I had to go up to Bridlington (sp?) to visit my Gran and Grandad. :(
Oh and yes, I was very happy when I got it.


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I was extremely happy when i got my wii. I shouted out loud YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! When i got it. I played 13 hours and 46 minutes on the first day i got it!


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i was happy of course!.

i drove around for half an hour, from one mall to the other. When I get to the second mall's Gamestop and asked about wiis in stock, the cashier man told me he just got a call from the first mall's Gamestop ten minutes earlier and that they just got three in.

so I drove to the first mall (half an hour away, speeding the whole time!), and I got there just in time to get the last one left.

what a day


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Got mine december 15th played it all day and then left it for a while started to play zelda, then stopped playing for about 2 months, then recently had a sudden urge to play.