The Sims Castaway



"Sims Castaway, based on the new Sims product line called Sims Stories, features two different modes to play. In Story Mode, you’ll explore the uncharted island, and learn to build a home and look for food. As you progress through the story, you will set out to achieve specific goals and will be rewarded once you complete them. In Classic Mode, you are left alone to adapt to island living any way you desire. You choose all the steps to make the island habitable. See below for screenshots from the new Sims title."

Sims hunting

Sims running lol

I used to enjoy the sims, and this looks intriguing. Running through temples, building your home by hand, and lighting fires to cook on. 'Back to nature sims' might be more appropriate lol

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gnnnnnnnn aouh! you got me hooked now .... graou i need this game! haha, i want it. I can't wait until Spore comes out so i play pacman, this sims, sim city and somekinda star wars/trek/gate/travelers xtreme/whatever game i can find!