The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy


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Ok, Ok, i realise not many of you will have this, but i just got it today for £14.99 and i'm quite pleased :D
So, anyone else got it, or want it, share your opinions.
Basically, if you have played powerstone on the dreamcast, you will be in familiar territory.
You fight in an arena, throwing stuff at each other, and using special mojo moves.
All the major characters are there, voiced by the appropriate cast members and weird al yankovic provides the announcements, like "player 1 needs ham badly"
I wrote all this on my wii, so expect at least one person to answer :D


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lol, it did take a while to write.
They didn't use weird al to his full potential, he only says suff like 3.2.1.fight etc
I quite like the game, but then again i quite like the show every now and then, i know, i'm just a big kid :D
It's probably more for fans of the show than your average gamer, if you don't like the show, you won't like the game.
yet again, i wrote that on the wii :)


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Gdog said:
dang. engwii u write alot

lol, thanks i guess :)
basically its a 3D fighting game, where 4 players fight each other, you get powerups and have special moves and just have to do anything to win.
there isnt much of a story, but there are 15 unlockable characters and some unlockable costumes.
as i said before, unless you are a fan, you probably wont like it that much, but i think a game for £15 is a bargain :)


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is it as fun as "Care Bears: Genocide Chronicles 2; The Reaper Walks Again"?

Because if it is, it sucks. I don't like those kind of games. Anyone ever played blob fight or cay fight or whatever the name is?