The corrupted wish game!


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To play the corrupted wish game, the first poster posts a wish and the next poster "corrupts" it by bringing out the bad in it.


First poster:I wish everyone was nice to eachother.

Second poster:Granted.

But everyone gets bored of it and kills themselves.

I wish I could fly

Rather, rinse, repeat.

K, I'll start.

I wish Animal Crossing Wii was out now.


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Your head falls off, which gets rid of your headache.

I wish Yoshies and Birdos existed in real life.


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Yoshi would poop on the carpet. Bad Yoshi.
And Birdos are mean.

I wish i got the high score on advance curveball


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but then the whole world would drown from the floods you would cause from expelling all that sweat from your body

I wish i had a Feng Shui-ed computer


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It's not hot anymore, but it's the coldest thing on the planet and causes a second ice age.

I wish I was awesome at skateboarding.