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Here's a review guide so you guys can understand what my reviews mean :)
This Review Guide Was Inspired by GameInformer
>Concept: How good the game manual let's you understand the game.
>Graphics: How the realistic and/or nice game looks like
>Sound: How nice the sound of the game is, and how it affects gameplay
>Playability: How good the game controls are.
>Entertainment: Basically how fun the game is.
>Replay value How Long The Game Lasts.
>>High: You'll like this game forever.
>>Moderately High: You'll play this game for a long time but you'll get sick of it after a few months/years.
>>Moderate: Average; Good for a few weeks/months.
>>Moderately Low: You'll beat the game once and never again.
>>Low: You'll quit this game before you beat it.
>Overall Score Overall how good the game is. (Not an avarage)

Score Ranges
10 - Perfect Game
9 - 9.9 - Amazing Game
8 - 8.9 - Above Average Game
7 - 7.9 - Average Game
6 - 6.9 - Below Average
5 - 5.9 - Bad Game
4 - 4.9 - Horrible Game
3 - 3.9 - Terrible
2 - 2.9 - Worst of the Worst
0 - 1.9 - Worthless
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