REVIEW: Golden Eye 007 - Liscence to Thrill?


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Name: Goldeneye
Console: N64
Release Date: 1997
Genre: FPS
Developer: Rareware
Modes: Single/Multiplayer (4)
Media: Cartridge

Its the question thats been on everyones mind, and fingertips on wii forums around the world..

Where on earth is GoldenEye for Wii's VC channel?

Until now, those of us who didn't give our n64's away, have had to buy a second hand one from Gamestation or Ebay just to once again play the sheer class of the multiplayer deathmatch, and reawaken the competivity of a 4 player deathmatch with Boris, against Bond and many other characters in the movie.

"What choice shall i make?", is what i often thought, should i sit around and remote-mine the kack out of my mates? Or just leg it out there shooting them to oblivion?

The deathmatch mode consisted of 5 different sub-modes of which consisted of "Normal", just a straight up, deathmatch, "You Only Live Twice" where the players only got 2 lives before being out, "The living daylights" much like modern flag games, where a flag is placed on the map, and whoever holds it the longest gets the win, "The Man with the golden gun" a very popular one between my mates, where a single golden gun was placed on the map somewhere and whoever got it was basically king, until mobbed by 3 angry mates, and finally "Liscence to kill" which could be hilarious after a night out as you could kill a player with anything, literally a slap would do it.

Of course don't get me wrong the single player mode had some great features, and many levels to travel throughout, the first one for example, Dam, consisted of Bond having to make his way through a heavily guarded area, to the dam and Bunjee off to meet Alec Trevelyan.

The single player mode very much matched the movie all the way throughout the game, and the graphics and level design just made you feel as if you were actually bond himself, the design team took it down to every little detail to make the game seem just like the movie.

A while back Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime announced nintendo were looking into the idea of releasing it on VC, but had a dispute over the rights issues, the company that made the game (Rare) is owned by Microsoft, the evil rival of Wii and the James Bond franchise is appaperntly owned by Activision.

Get your game on nintendo, we want Goldeneye now! There has been rumours of a remake lately, but they should just keep the game as it was. Never has a game based on a movie been so popular, and neither any James Bond games since, Goldeneye set the standard, and sadley it hasn't been met since then, and alot of todays First Person Shooters are compared to it.

Which is suprising as not many people realise Goldeneye was originally going to be a SNES game, and its release of N64 was created by an inexperienced development team, what a great job they did though!

A VC release would be a great move by Nintendo if they can get it, and would surely be the best seller on the VC channel.

Score 9/10


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Squiddy said:
Game developed by Rare, owned by Microsoft = very low chance of it coming to VC. ;)

Definatly stands a change though as it was one of the best selling games to date for any console, so i reckon nintendo might cut a deal!