Real or Fake?

Does anybody think this is real?

It has a story about how there is a free Super Mario Galaxy demo on WiiShopChannel. But I've tried it and it doesn't work.

Anybody else try it?


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And where are you meant to save this to if it was there?

A full game is 4.37gb so a demo is gonna be at least 1.5-2gb and with the Wii's crappy internal 512mb no-one will be downloading it, not everyone has an SD and even if they did 1 demo and you're full, whats that about?


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lol, fake, but are nintendo ever going to release demos on the shop channel? i know they would use a lot of space but they could be fitted on SD cards? actualy i'm more interested in downlaoding stuff to then send to my DS :p


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Anyone notice the "special wii points code"?
T'was the date it was made; April Fools :/

EDIT: Oh right, someone else said something about april fools.