WTS: Steam Account | 27 Games | Level 4 | 55 euros


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Want to sell my steam account with alot of expensive games very cheap, I've literlly stopped playing everything the only game i play these days are WoW. So i'm looking to sell it for some fast and cheap money quickly, Can't be bothered waiting days to sell an account i have no use for.

I'm looking for 55 euro for this account. I'm the one and only owner of the account since start. secret question and everything i still have and original email ofc.

I'm looking for a simple trade

Scammers gtfo, I'm not going first unless you have 100% feedback and verified!

Skype: Bullshift95

Picture below shows the games, And the SteamDB link is the information about the account

The account has one vac ban which is csgo everything else works perfect no other games banned.

Games Worth Mentioning
Ark Survival Evolved
Arma 3
Reign of kings
Rocket League
Metal Gear solid V phantom pain & Metal Gear solid V Ground zeroes
The Witcher 3 wild hunt
Take on mars

Thank you!