PS3 VS Wii


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I think that the PS3 is no match against the Wii I've played on the PS3 and my brother owns a Nintendo Wii, I've played on them both and the PS3 isnt very good it's basicly the PS2 but with better graphics I think but my friend begs to differ. I like most games on the Wii such as;
Wii sports
Mario Strikers
But the PS3 is to exspensive and very hard to play because of all the shooting games :mega_shok:


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I totally disagree, the PS3 is only expensive if you ignore what can do other than play games, IMO the PS3 is too cheap, it's NOTHING like a PS2 with better graphics, and is not hard to control at all.


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This might be another thread that needs closing soon. Not into the whole console war thing.

The Wii is completely different to the PS3


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I kinda agree but it is actually the cheapest BluRay player around but still - who needs a BluRay player - we're still in the DVD age for at least a few more years


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I don't really care about fanboyish views - although this thread has some reasoning.

But I'm dissapointed with Nintendo and want a PS3 and a Slim PSP - and maybe even a DS Lite.


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There is no point to threads saying PS3 vs Wii.
There is no contest, they are 2 completely different consoles which can not even be compared.

Its like asking what do you prefer a Go-cart or a Ferarri, in a completely different league but still both have their fun oints.

Plus all these threads people just mock one of the consoles, all the Nintendo fanboys are always gonna say Wii is best, all the Sony fanboys are always gonna say PS3 is best. When in fact most Wii owners have never even played on a PS3 to even judge it and the same with PS3 oners, unless you own both.