Metriod, Street Fighter II, Silent Debuggers Out Now


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Nintendo announced the following game releases today for the virtual console:

nintendo said:
See how the story of Samus Aran began! Metroid, the NES platform shooter from 1987, now comes to Virtual Console.

Metroid was a truly ground-breaking game that established the famous trademarks of the hit series: massive environments, upgradeable weapons and suits, and the famous Morph Ball ability.

Plus – complete the game in less than five hours and you’ll see the moment when players first discovered Samus’s true identity!

Street Fighter II
ninendo said:
Street Fighter II reignited the fighting game genre in the early ‘90s. Such was its success that many follow-ups soon followed; one of the most popular of which was the Super Nintendo version of Street Fighter II Turbo.

Now on Virtual Console, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting brings back the original characters with new moves, new outfits and the ability to play as powerful bosses such as Sagat and M. Bison. Plus – you can increase the game speed to an incredible pace!

The default setting allows for up to 5x speed but by using the secret code below, you can increase up to 10x speed.

‘Mega Turbo’ code

First, connect a Wii Remote with a Classic Controller in the player 2 position, and use it to enter the following code when the Street Fighter II logo appears (before the scrolling “Turbo†text): Down, R, Up, L, Y, B. [/nintendo]

Silent Debuggers
nintendo said:
In the far future, mankind has conquered space and is finally at peace. However, small criminal elements known as ‘Bugs’ threaten universal harmony, so a covert team of ‘Silent Debuggers’ is deployed to stop them. As their newest recruit, you must clean up the dangerous space station ‘Gane’, from where no Debugger has ever returned!

This Turbografx classic from 1991, out now on Virtual Console, is a unique first-person action-adventure that combines shooting with exploration, as you battle your way through claustrophobic corridors to solve the mystery within.

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Street Fighter!!! Discuss:


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I think in going to get street fighter, reali enjoyd it for the mega drive, ope its as gud as the megadrives version!