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Hello, theres a annoying thing with my wii.
Every time im gona go on the internet it connects to the internet channel in some seconds, then when i type the URL and press the "ok" button it says it couldn't connect to the internet.
It tells me to check my internet connection and the URL, The URL is spelld right and my internet connection is perfect with both mine and my brothers laptops and when i go in on the shop channel, forecast channel or the news channel it goes very fast.

Anyway, efter some seconds it goes back to the main screen of the internet channel and I write the URL again and press the "ok" button
The same thing happends, But now after some time it says "You have a working connection" and goes to the site i wrote.

I have the latest updates and my wii is not modded in any way, just original...

Here is a movie of my problem. Sorry for the BAD quality, filmed with my mobile...

Pls help me....


Ah, bum. Contact Nintendo :bomb_phone:

Telephone: 0870 6060 247 (Calls are charged at the National Rate to the caller)
Fax: 02392 383 444


Soz cant be more help


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i dont thinik i should call nintendo in UK when i live in sweden :p ^^

And even if i cal them, i will have to send my wii back, and i dont want to be without my wii... :p


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I don't think that'll work either, chambo.. if he can't get to any site he types in, that won't work >.> Anyway, I don't know what can be done.. as long as it works sometimes, then I guess it's fine..


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I dunno what can be's happened to me loads of times but when I come back and play it later it would be fine..