If you could add your own brawl player....


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If you could add a character to brawl from a different game.. who would it be?
Mine would be Giga-bowser he would be strong :)


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Kasumi from Dead Or Alive, that would be great, i nearly got that wii golf game pangya something, just because it had her in.
Any character you say?
I'd add Ice, my Sonc fancharacter (see my avatar)

If he was in it then I would be in heaven (and therefore unable to play the game! Nooooo!)


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Seven third-party characters I think should be in the game are:

1. Rayman,
2. Bomberman,
3. Sonic,
4. Megaman.
5. Bonks,
6. Pacman, and
7. Crash Bandicoot.

And the five 1st/2nd party characters I think should be in are:

1. Birdo,
2. Diddy Kong,
3. King K. Rool,
4. Wart, and
5. (A smaller version of) Ridly.