WTS: Great Steam Account for Sale - All Batman Games Too!


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I am ready to sell my Steam account. I no longer play video games anymore. I own 17 games‎ in total; this includes three games for which I had purchased - but never actually got around to playing. My account is in perfectly good standing. As a result, what you would be receiving is a great account in perfect standing with a lot of awesome games. The value of my Steam account according to steamdb.info is $380 USD dollars. However, I am looking for about $90 USD. I am open to best offers and negotiations; if one has an offer then I am always open to hearing it. This would be an easy transaction. Once we meet in person, I could give you the username and password to the account, and then let you change the email in the account. All things will be done in person to make sure that the account is effectively transferred over to you. Here are the games that you would be receiving (17 in total):

1) BioShock Infinite‎ ($29.99 USD)
2) Train Simulator 2017 ($39.99 USD)
3) Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition ($19.99 USD)
4) Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition ($19.99 USD)
5) Batman: Arkham Origins ($19.99 USD)
6) Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition ($‎19.99 USD)
7) Batman: Arkham Knight ($29.99 USD)‎
8) Metro 2033 ($14.99 USD)
9) Metro: Last Light ($49.99 USD)‎
10) Alan Wake ($29.99 USD)
11) Wolfenstein: The New Order ($19.99 USD)
12) Alan Wake's American Nightmare ($9.99 USD)
13) ‎3DMark ($29.99 USD)
14) Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition ($19.99 USD)
15) Assetto‎ Corsa ($29.99 USD)
16) Catzilla - Videocard Benchmark Tool‎ ($14.99 USD)
17) DiRT 3 Complete Edition ($29.99 USD)

This is a great account, and with a lot of awesomely popular games. I hope to hear from someone who would like to purchase this account.