Hobby Shop on Wii






Game description

"Who hasn’t wanted to build something like a soapbox racer or a tree house when they were a kid? Hobby Shop will give players that same sense of exploration and experimentation to create which we all had when we were young, as well as encouraging kids to be more expressive and creative. Hobby shop will take full advantage of using the Wii controllers in 3D space and allow players to create all kinds of projects that they will be able to use in game. The player’s accuracy using the tools in game will reflect the performance of the project created. Players can even challenge other players to test out their creation against one another. Parents and kids alike will be delighted to work together creating an assortment of items and then testing them out to see how well their creation stands up to the challenge." More info follow link

Carpentry is in my family, not sure if everyone would like to play on this, but it does show more abstract and creative thinking...


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they're not actually thinking of making a game out of this! I would buy it for about 3 dollars at the max. This game looks like a game you should be able to dowload for free!