Official Communiqué: Combat Arms Command, June 24, 2011


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Attention Soldiers!

The sky is falling! More literally, HiSec cases are falling out of the sky in this weekend's incredible B&G HiSec event. The last weekend for Spring training offers an incredible +200% bonus! The arms race has spread beyond the world of Combat Arms- the 20 finalists have been announced in the Nerf Gun Modification contest! See the winning entries on paper, and get ready to see their creations brought to life! General G has some important messages to deliver this month. Finally, it's your last chance to get a Guitar Gun or a Box Gun in the Forge, so get moving! Stick with the Weekly Briefing for everything you need to know about Combat Arms.


B&G HiSec Event

In response to increased enemy activity, Combat Arms Command is initiating the B&G HiSec Event. From June 24th at 4:00PM to June 27th at 11:00AM (PDT), a storm of HiSec Cases will be dropping from the skies in Combat Arms.


Last Weekend! +200%! Spring Training!

We're getting the jump on spring and giving you something to get you through the rest of the school year! Starting this weekend and every weekend until further notice there will be +100% EXP and GP from 2pm until 6pm PST!

Last chance!

Golf Server is Back!

The Golf server is back in the West Coast Region! In our effort to make it easier for you to find the right kind of match that you want to play, we are continuing to streamline Combat Arms servers and address player feedback.


Combat Arms State of the Game – June, 2011

This month’s State of the Game is going to be a bit different from past editions. Ordinarily, we try to keep this address upbeat and positive, but we believe in being honest about our issues. As much as we celebrate our triumphs, it’s also important to communicate plainly when the game goes through a rough patch – and this month has been pretty rough.

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Supply Crate MYST-Delta Contents

The Supply Crate MYST-Delta has arrived! MYST Supply Cases contain NX-Rare, Epic and NX-Standard weapons of various durations, including Permanent! Many of these weapons you can only get your hands on by opening a MYST Supply Case.

Open the box


The Combat Arms Nerf Gun Modification Challenge


Bubba Ares here. As the proprietor of the finest Gun Emporium in the known world, I know that makin’ guns is almost as much fun as shootin’ em! You soldiers sent in some pretty amazing weapon designs. After combing through the entries and checking them for creativity, aesthetics, and potential violations of the of the Geneva Conventions, we've selected the twenty winners of Stage One! These finalists will move on to Stage Two -- creating their guns!

Break out the blueprints!

Extended! Last Chance to Forge a Guitar or Box Gun!


The Gun Emporium is the place where you can build and acquire new weapons that can't be found anywhere else in the game. Since the release of Operation: Ares you have been able to create a Box Gun and Guitar Gun by combining regular weapons with Forging Hardware (FH). These two weapons will be extremely rare very soon! If you still haven't had a chance to get your Guitar or Box Gun, they will now be available until the next major game update!

Your inside pass

Question of the Week

It’s time for the Question of the Week! This week it’s the new Supply Crate Myst-Delta! We would like to know, what item in the case are you most excited about and what would you like to see in future crates?


Here's what some of your fellow Combat Arms soldiers said:

I'm really looking forward to getting the beast that is the M416 CQB Camo for perm. However, I would like to see Baron's epic M416 CQB make a come back in the next case, as that is the absolute BEST weapon in this game. - Diego F.

im exicited about the m416 becuz it has low recoil and its nice for mid range and long range i would also like to see the m4a1 cqb in the future crates because its rare and soo valuable its a ggood gun. - Dodie M.

All of them are good, but if i were to choose one from the case, i'd really want the perm M416 CQB Camo. I love the m4 gun series!. - Henry H.

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Basic Training

New to the Weekly Briefing? Welcome to basic training, maggot! This is where we direct you to areas of interest and give you tips on things that recruits should really know in order to become effective in the fight faster! This week's question:

I was activating my newly purchased item from my inbox but decided to cancel the process and save it for later. I can't find it anymore! Where is it?

The item is waiting for you in your storage. Simply go to the "Premium" tab of your storage to find it.

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