help connecting up wii


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Ive a 32" Sony LCD TV, it has:
1 x Componant
1 x HDMI
and then scarts and S-VHS etc

The Componant is currently taken up with my DVD player but obviuosly I want to get the best out of my wii.

Can someone suggest a way to fix this in the best way possible without loss of quality.

I have a DVD recorder which I can have in place of the current DVD which also has componant out and as it is a DVD recorder it has scart in, would it work to pass the wii through the DVD Recorder which will be connected up with componant or will this make no difference anyway as it is inputting with scart.

The HDMI is taken up with my cable box, this also has scart in etc, duno if this helps?

I hope this isnt to confusing.



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make sure if you want best quality that you get gold plated scarts and things, as they give a better connection than alloy scarts