God Father II anouced!!


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July 30, 2007 - During its latest Annual Meeting of Stockholders Electronic Arts quietly announced it is working on Godfather 2. Last year the publisher released games based on the classic film across several platforms (with the Wii version arriving this March) and found critical and commercial success. The announcement was made in response to a question from a stockholder about EA's attitude towards more mature games.

"The appeal of those types of games is growing as the demographics start to open up for that older demographic," said Frank Gibeau, head of EA Games. "We make products like Godfather 2, Army of Two, Crysis -- a lot of products that appeal to that older customer."

No further details about the sequel have been released at this time. When contacted by IGN, an EA spokesperson conceded Godfather 2 existed but wasn't ready to talk about it, yet