Gamesmaster (the TV show)

which of these game shows were the best ones of the 90s?

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for those of you who remember it, gamesmaster was a TV show which was one of the many computer and videogames TV shows on the air in the 90s. It featured many games and reviews as well as challenges.

If you want to download some episodes of this classic TV show, then
go to . You need to make an account for the forum and make 12 posts on the forum. you need to then PM a user called nam rood and say that you have made your 12 posts and want access to the downloads section. once you get a PM back from nam rood. you can access the downloads section, and download as many episodes as you like. You can also download episodes of the show games world and bad influence.

by the way, make sure vote for your show as well. so get voting


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Mario said:
I remember GamesMaster that was brilliant i wish they would bring that back on, although it wouldn't be the same :(

They should bring it back as cheesy as it was, and they should play the games from back in the day, also there should be a dress code, so you have to look as geeky as everyone back then :)