Game Review: Excite truck

Now, Seeing the opening to the race makes it feel really slow right?
Wrong! The speed is almost at Supersonic standard.

Out of the 21 trucks in the game; there are initially only three.
The Boulder; Which I hazard a guess is built for rough terrain
The Firefly; Which is the fastest starting car
And the Wolf; Which looks to be the sturdiest out of the cars you start with

To control these blinding fast racers, you hold down the 2 button to go forward. 1 to brake and reverse. Any direction on the D-pad to boost, and obviously, tilt the wiimote left and right to steer.

In most racing games, you need to win the race in order to progress. However, this isn't the case for Excite truck. All you need to do is collect a set amount of Star points. Believe me, it isn't as easy as it sounds. There are only ten or so ways of getting these points and you can only get five at max for each thing (in one go)
Not only are you timed, it's very easy to hurtle off the course and crash, in which case, you are required to hammer the 2 button.
Luckily, this gives you a short boost, which, if used correctly, you can benefit from.
Once I was in fourth place and crashed; when I respawned I was in second and the boost got me up to first.

You have three modes to play in.
Excite race, the main game which has two difficulty settings; Challenge, which I have yet to set foot in; and Versus, which is essentially split-screen/multiplayer mode.
There's also a tutorial mode which teaches you how to play the game, but it's easy to work out for yourself.

Excite race is about 20 races split into four medals. Bronze, silver, gold and platinum, each getting progressively harder.
After each race, you are given a grade depending on the amount of star points you got, ranging from D to S, S being the highest.
To unlock the highest difficulty settings, you must get an S in all the races in all the medals, which can be really aggravating as with most of the harder stages, you only just got the required amount of star points to get a passing grade.

Each player has their own highscore table for each course, which is kind of a let down, because it would have been fun to try and topple your brothers score. Nintendo need to stop with the personal highscores...Wii sports and Wii play come to mind.

Anyway, on to sound and graphics. Both of them can get quite realistic. Some stages have you believing you're really in China or Scotland, but on the downside, some sound can be annoying. The speaker on the Wii remote is used for crashes and overheating, amongst other stuff.
You can play your own mp3 files too, if you have them saved to an SD card.
It's amazing to have Linkin park booming out of your TV whilst driving down the great wall of China.

Riddled all over the courses are ramps. Although going over them at high speeds will throw you somewhat high in the air, pressing the D-pad will make you perform a turbo jump. While you're a mile in the air, you can turn your truck left and right to glides onto shortcuts.. You can tilt the controller back to stay in the air longer or tilt it down to get to the ground quicker and swerve away from danger.
Also, whilst in the air, you can fly through rings to earn star points and hold down the boost button and 1 to spin your truck around.

Littered around each course are exclamation marks which morph the environment or cause damages to nearby structures, usually making ramps.
Another item, the Pow bubble, as I call it, makes you zoom down the track at extremely high speeds, making the track a blur.

This isn't the best racer ever released as it doesn't have a long lifespan, but the likes of Mario kart Wii are way off so if you're into racers, get this. If not, get it anyway. It's a great way to get you started. If you hate racers then why are you reading this?

Overall, I give the game: 87%
Thanks for reading =D


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good review m8, this has made me make up my mind, i am buying this game for definate, if i can get it for £25 i will get it anyway... :)

do you know any good shops to get this game and i would rate your review 8/10, you should work for a games magazine or website when you are older! :) :) :)