Explain your username.



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DUchiha23 = Danny Uchiha 23 been usin it for a while now :) Used since 2005-Present
Danny = My name Used Since Randomly when i get the chance
Club64 = my club name to celebrate my 64 games :) Nintendo later named their console Nintendo 64 and then something club64 in Paper Mario how ironic.. Used Since 1994-2005


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Mine comes from when i started playing twisted metal for psp online, i used the name English (because i am), then shortened it to Eng, and i add the relevant console for the relevant forum etc.
E.G : Eng360, EngWii, EngPSP :D


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lawl mine is very random...
online name = Kirsty Kuoid
so all those stalkers can't find me :p
Kuoid is my username for everything and my gaming name


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TimpZ: My name is Tim... DUH!

The pZ is because my friends call me Timpa. but that wasn't "cool" enough according to Sampras (my friend). His name is SampZ or ZampraZ on forums and we are best friends + where neighbours so i took that too.


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I used to used to play those online arcade games :p so finally, after lots of hard work I got a high score in a game. I decided to randomly poke the keyboard with my eyes closed. I got 0yenop0 I thought it was lame so I shortened it to Yeno.

Occasionaly when it's already taken I'll put Yeno007, since I like James Bond XD