COMPETITION: Want to take charge?


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So do you want to write a blog/review of something and have it appear on my blog(that i haven't already blogged), send me a PM with the review/blog/preview whatever you want.. and i shall post the best one up on my blog, with a donation of 20 coins to that winner (IF i can do that, Matt?)

Random idea, but just get to get people involved and for a bit of fun!

Basic Rules are:
- Can't be about something i've already posted, or am going to review/blog about (Mario Galaxy/Mario Kart/Super Mario 64 -N64)

- You can't copy and paste or rip off other peoples reviews from wii pros or anywhere on the net, i will hunt it down ;), using others work for research into the subject is fine, but no cheating! Haha

- You can't be one of the four bloggers already on here

- As many entries as you want

- No word limit, but try to keep it a sensible amount, haha[/size]

Good luck :)

I have just created a special COMPETITION folder in my inbox where i will put each entry, i am at a party saturday night but i will have a read of all the reviews again over the weekend and post a winner next week!


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Jailbreak said:
sorry for yet more questions but is there a word limit and how many entries can we send in? many thanks

As many entries as you want/can write, and there is no word limit, but i would suggest keep it sensible, too short and there may not be enough info, but too long and the reader may wander off.. lol thats what i was always told at school when writing certain things anyway haha!

Thanks for asking :)