Will there be any Pokemon games released to VC?



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I would love for red and blue to be released.

Pokemon Snap is pretty lame in my opinion. I was playing it just four months ago on my N64...not as good a game as you remember from childhood.


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Pokémon stadium should be and they should have a Game Boy section on the Wii Shop Channel so they can sell Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, Mabey even Silver and Gold.


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k-boz read the thread and previous posts. The chances of gameboy on VC is slim, cos the DS in backwards compatible with all previous gameboys


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^^^ We did get Stadium 2.
You see, Pokemon Stadium 1 in Japan was a wattered down version of our Stadium 1 (Charizard & Blastoise), which was Japan's 2.
Then we got Stadium 2 (Lugia and Ho-oh) which was Stadium 3 in Japan.
I know it's confusing, but it's true!