Wii WeDock




I love the name the weewee dock. lol

"Looking for a place to stash those WiiMotes and their associated nunchucks? Here's the Wii WeDock, a storage container we didn't notice when the Brandoite junk purveyors were hawking it in a Wii-matching white color last month. But this black one caught our attention because it looks like a garbage bin for biohazard waste.
Wii WeDock

While that's not a particularly attractive comparison, the Wii WeDock looks surprisingly useful, giving you a place to put both of those Nintendo Wii controllers, out of harm's way and perhaps out of the mouths of children. That's a good thingâ€â€Âwe've heard those things can jump up and smack you upside the head. The Wii nunchucks, that is. Or maybe the children, too.

The WeDock's one-touch "springboard" design pops up your weapon with a simple push. And if you get tired of that Nintendo Wii, just use the WeDock to store your used syringes and other biohazards you might have lying around. Or you can put your weed in it."


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I think Wii are making just anything and selling them to get more money i don't think anyone would bother with accesories like these.