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"Wii Opera SDK has been created as a place to create, discuss, and showcase JavaScript games designed with the Opera Wii Browser in mind. According to geekrecon, it's a place for people "who want to make games that have 3D graphics and button presses with motion control from all 4 Wii Remotes". Sounds good to me!

Take a look at the group's first offering, a flight sim called Spacefox. If you open that link through a normal browser, you may not be that impressed. If you open it through your Opera Wii Browser, however, the game comes alive. Although it's in an early stage, you can use the Wii Remote to turn, zoom, and roll.

Other functionality will be added in the future, and this is certainly a group to keep an eye on. Log onto your Wii Browser now, and try it for yourself!

More details of the development kit, with a few more demos, can be found here"


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Hey, everyone! I saw from my webstats that there has been some discussion about my Wii Opera SDK in the forums here, so I thought I'd check out the site. If anyone has any questions about the SDK or would like to develop either for the SDK itself or games that use it, let me know. I will try to answer any questions.

In the past few days I've added texture-mapping and Nunchuk button detection. I'm far from done, though, and am open to suggestions for what others think should be added.


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Here's a quick summary of what the Wii Opera SDK can do:

1. Wii Remote button and cursor detection for all 4 Wii Remotes
2. Nunchuk button detection for the 3 non-primaries
3. Z roll and position sensing for all 4 Wii Remotes
4. 3D polygon math for motion, rotation, scaling, and Z sorting
5. Texture-mapping for walls and floors
6. Multiplayer online communication
7. Graphical primitives
8. Image placement, rotation, and scaling[/b]



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serpent01 said:
Woah this is good stuff.

First multiplayer games??

Yes... Here's the whole reason production began for the Wii Opera SDK: HullBreach MMO RPG.