Wi fi usb adapter



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cwaldden said:
It is a wireless connector. Just install the driver, plug it in and it works!

Hah, so it was the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector.
I have one too...
Except, I turned it into a SoftAP, so I could use my PSP with it, and things.


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yoshi said:
i have both too because i originally bought the wi fi usb adapter for ds and my dad bought a router for his laptop

I was gona buy a wifi usb for the wii but i bought a wireless router instead. the wii wifi is only for 40.00Us. and the xbox wifi is 100.00us well theres xbox live..


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i dont have wireless internet so i had to get a Wi-Fi USB Connector then a cable that runs under the floor to plug into the wii to my router. cost a little bit but it was worth it